Webair has announced a partnership with Data Storage Corporation to enhance its high availability (HA) Disaster Recovery and overall support capabilities for IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400, AIX) environments. The demand for Webair’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution has grown exponentially over recent years, and the addition of IBM Power Systems support positions it for even further expansion.

Many companies require both x86 and IBM Power Systems platforms to run mission-critical applications, making disaster recovery critical to these environments. The partnership between Webair and Data Storage Corporation provides x86 and IBM Power Systems users with:

  • Recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) of one hour, including continuous replication, network automation and orchestration

  • Seventy-two hours of monthly recovery site usage before incurring additional fees

  • Fully managed quarterly recovery site testing with attestation report

  • Per-IP failover, public BGP failover, DNS failover, L2 stretch, and VPN(s)

  • One week of checkpoints

  • Recovery site network architecture customization to enable customer infrastructure integration

  • The ability to replicate data to any Webair DR location, including U.S. East and West Coasts, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Through this new partnership, Webair now also offers customers fully managed IBM Power Systems solutions and services backed by a premier IBM Managed Services Provider.

“Webair’s strategic partnership with Data Storage Corporation broadens our Disaster Recovery support capabilities,” explains Michael Christopher Orza, CEO of Webair. “While most providers only offer a limited range of services encompassing specific operating systems and workloads, this partnership delivers a true DRaaS solution that is customized to mirror customers’ specific production environments and supports both state-of-the-art and legacy platforms.”

Webair customers can also take advantage of ancillary services available at its data centers as part of their larger DRaaS solutions, including public and private cloud infrastructure, snapshot-based storage replication, colocation, authoritative DNS, third-party cloud connectivity, Backups-as-a-Service, network connectivity, and Seeding. These services are fully managed and can be tied directly into DRaaS infrastructure via private and secure cross-connects.

“I am excited about the Data Storage Corporation / Webair partnership and the opportunities it will provide to both companies as our services are in high demand across all markets and industries with tremendous growth forecasted,” says Hal Schwartz, President DSC.  “Because of this partnership, the combined teams can now provide first-class management and technical support, allowing them to deliver and fully manage cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud backup solutions with the highest confidence and service levels.”