Faction® has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Faction a patent for its pioneering work on hybrid and multi-cloud networking.

“We’re proud that Faction’s technology has essentially created the hybrid cloud category more than five years ago, and we look forward to exercising control of this technology now that we have received our initial patent issuance,” said Luke Norris, Faction’s CEO and founder.

Faction’s hybrid and multi-cloud technology that is now patented under USPTO Patent #9,571,301 powers Faction Cloud Bloc and Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) product sets. This allows service providers and enterprises to seamlessly connect the best features of various private and public clouds and design a robust cloud architecture that still operates as a single unified cloud.

Faction’s groundbreaking approach to cloud networking greatly reduces the cost and complexity of composing true hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions for customers. The technology is also broadly utilized to allow access from datacenters into private and public clouds, which Faction utilizes to connect customers currently in 22 datacenters in the United States directly into the company’s offering.

With this technology, cloud architects are now freed from rigid networking constructs and burdensome administrative tasks that have perpetually frustrated infrastructure and operations teams and slowed important business initiatives due to network constraints. Faction’s customers benefit from Faction’s composable cloud technology, allowing the combination of datacenter, private, and public cloud resources without sacrificing security or performance, and without incurring substantial migration or interconnection costs typical to traditional solutions.

This initial patent demonstrates the company’s commitment to advancing cutting-edge cloud infrastructure technology and simplifying how enterprise IT cloud infrastructures are designed, built and managed. Specifically, it details how physical resources that may be hosted within a datacenter or colocation site can connect to one or more cloud providers creating a seamless, single pool of resources. Additionally, once an enterprise is connected to the Faction composable cloud fabric, it gains the ability to easily mix other third-party cloud services together creating a true multi-cloud solution.  Further patent applications are in process, and last week a second Notice of Allowance was received on a Faction patent application to further expand the scope of issued patent claims, with others expected to follow.

The Faction technology also provides a unified data fabric for composing true hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Enterprise IT can leverage public cloud resources on-demand while retaining the control and security of their private cloud infrastructure. The network technology enabling composable clouds complements Faction’s private cloud offering, which fully decouples compute, storage capacity, storage performance, and network capacity, enabling enterprises to compose their ideal private cloud. The Faction Internetwork eXchange makes these composable resources available not only within the private cloud environments, but the data center and colocation environments and the public clouds as well.

The announcement of the USPTO issuing a first patent follows last month’s announcement that Faction raised $11 million in capital, which will be used to expand the company and help meet strong customer demand. In 2016, Faction saw 44% year-over-year growth, and it projects similar growth in 2017.