FloQast, Inc. has announced new integrations with leading cloud storage providers Microsoft OneDrive and Egnyte as well as cloud Single Sign-On(SSO) solutions from Google and Okta.

The out-of-the-box integrations help simplify the setup and adoption of FloQast’s close management software while bolstering security by providing secure access via SSO. These new integrations address enhanced security and governance requirements for security-conscious industries such as, among others, financial services, healthcare and aerospace.

With the new integrations of Microsoft OneDrive and Egnyte, FloQast close management software can directly and securely access financial data residing in Excel workbooks housed within these cloud storage applications.  This innovative approach ensures that accountants can leverage the familiarity and flexibility of Excel while maintaining security and retaining ownership and control of their sensitive financial data. FloQast accomplishes this by securely accessing customer financial data from Excel-based account reconciliations to make certain all accounts are automatically tied-out against the General Ledger system.  This approach reduces the risk of error and eliminates hours of manual work each month.

The integrations with Okta and Google SSO further strengthen security by supporting password complexity and Multi-Factor Authentication.  Integration with the identity management solutions helps ensure FloQast close management software can only be accessed by authorized users which bolsters governance and security.

These new integrations complement FloQast’s existing partnerships with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. 

“The financial services industry — specifically accounting — is extremely security conscious as it constantly deals with high volumes of highly sensitive information,” said Ronen Vengosh, vice president of business development at Egnyte. “Egnyte’s integration with FloQast provides an easy-to-use interface for accounting professionals to collaborate on financial records and efficiently close their books, without losing custody of sensitive documents or risking violation of compliance regulations.”

“FloQast provides accounting teams a single place to manage the close and gives everyone visibility.  These new integrations expand our current product footprint and extend our capabilities while also demonstrating FloQast’s flexibility to address the myriad increasingly important concerns accountants face today ,” said Mike Whitmire, CPA, co-founder and chief executive officer of FloQast. “The new integrations with Egnyte, OneDrive, Google SSO, and Okta, along with our existing integration partners, ensure that enforce the highest levels of governance and security.”