CloudHesive proves to be certifiably AWS(ome) with its latest certification as an Amazon Web Services public sector partner.

CloudHesive already holds numerous certifications and competencies, but we are very excited to announce the latest additions to our collection: The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program and Authorized Government Reseller.

The AWS Public Sector Program shows that CloudHesive has the expertise to operate with state, local and federal government agencies as well as K-12 and higher education institutions. To obtain this level of partnership, you must demonstrate expertise and concrete results for K-12 and/or higher education, as well as government and nonprofit institutions. CloudHesive has exceeded all parameters with stellar references thanks to the diligent team of certified solutions architects and DevOps engineers, as well as certified Cloud Security, SysOps, and SecDevOps engineers.

CloudHesive understands that public sector institutions have unique challenges with highly-specific needs that affect the way they make decisions about cloud computing, securing workloads, budget decisions and procurement vehicles required.

CloudHesive can help drive innovation in K-12 and higher education institutions to get them ahead of the ever-changing world of technology. One such cloud solution that CloudHesive is well versed in is deploying managed student workspaces. These deployments support applications requiring a high level of computing power, but need to operate on lower-end hardware, such as Google Chrome books. The AWS Workspaces solution helps higher education institutions continue to leverage their investment in their hardware while providing their students access to faster high end computing power.

In the government space, agencies must support their mission-critical operations with agile and innovative cloud deployments. However, they also have to take stringent compliance and security measures (FISMA, FIPS and FedRAMP mandates) to not compromise on security from inside and outside threats. It’s a best practice to leverage a partner that has the expertise of a Public Sector Partner if you operate in the public-sector space.

This certification differentiates the partners that are most equipped to provide the solutions necessary for public-sector agencies or institutions in the cloud. By choosing to work with an AWS managed service partner in the public-sector partner program, you can be sure that your environments are optimized for your specific needs and uphold the standards for state/local government and higher education. This gives agencies the time to focus on the most pertinent functions of their entity rather than getting bogged down with cloud infrastructure management and oversight.

CloudHesive is an SOC2 audited Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, Reseller Partner and Managed Services Partner as well. We focus on helping customers securely migrate and manage workloads on multiple cloud platforms. With this latest competency, current and potential customers can rest easy knowing that CloudHesive will offer secure cloud solutions that increase scalability, agility, and flexibility.