Qligent has expanded its global sales presence by appointing Rerate Limited as its representative in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Rerate Limited is a Miami-based supplier of equipment, services, and systems for the broadcast, cable TV, mobile, satellite, and telecom industries; with particular expertise in network monitoring and support in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company originally considered only adopting elements of Qligent’s Vision cloud-based monitoring platform to supplement Rerate’s own managed services layer. However, Hector Cambero, managing director, Rerate was so impressed by the depth, scalability, cost-efficiency and reliability of the complete Qligent cloud monitoring architecture that Rerate signed on as a Qligent channel partner to further simplify transitions for their customers.

“Vision and Oversight together offers customers complete, end-to-end quality of service and experience monitoring supported by reliable and comprehensive customer service from the Qligent team,” said Cambero. “This is not only in line with Rerate’s own approach to monitoring and supporting customer networks, but in tune with our clients’ values in Latin America. It is a cultural expectation that companies like Rerate provide conscientious, dedicated service to their customers always. Qligent’s Oversight MaaS perfectly complements our own in-house managed services, providing even more value for our customers.”

Qligent’s Vision platform keeps costs low by leveraging low-priced COTS (commercial off the shelf) servers, cloud-based management and storage, and physical microprobes/software-based virtual probes to collate and analyze data from the network headend or studio all the way to the end user. This architecture also simplifies scalability for customers seeking a gradual transition from expensive point-based, legacy monitoring.

Meanwhile, Qligent’s Oversight MaaS provides options for a 24/7 or event-based monitoring service, giving broadcasters and MVPDs (multichannel video program distributors) a reliable way to outsource some or all monitoring and analysis responsibilities to a managed service layer. This offers an attractive option to customers with limited in-house resources.

“Qligent makes cloud monitoring affordable for entry-level clients, while giving large customers the sophistication and reliability they demand,” said Cambero. “Oversight helps them all identify network issues before they become emergencies. Furthermore, the support that Rerate itself receives from Qligent has been excellent, so as we sell network transport and transmission equipment to customers we can feel confident offering Qligent’s cloud-based monitoring products and services from day one.”

As a complete infrastructure provider, Cambero notes that Rerate is bullish about selling integrated solutions that package Qligent with network transport and delivery solutions from some of the industry’s leading suppliers, including Imagine Communications and Ericsson for headend monitoring; and GatesAir and other transmitter manufacturers at the RF plant.

“Qligent is grateful to join forces with a respected equipment supplier such as Rerate Limited, providing the visibility we seek throughout the CALA region,” said Mary Mederos, global partner account manager, Qligent. “Together, we look forward to providing the highest level of reliable, quality cloud-based networking monitoring that their customers need and deserve in the quickly escalating multi-channel, multi-platform TV universe.”