Equinix, Inc. has announced global financial cloud infrastructure provider, Beeks Financial Cloud, has deployed on Equinix's Cloud Exchange as it continues to expand its business globally.

Beeks Financial Cloud leverages Cloud Exchange and Platform Equinix™ to connect its customers to global cloud services and networks via a secure, private and low-latency interconnection model. By joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange, Beeks Financial Cloud gains access to instantly connect to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) in 21 markets, build a more secure application environment and reduce the total cost of private network connectivity to CSPs for its customers.

"Beeks Financial Cloud has continued to grow rapidly on Equinix's interconnection platform, with Hong Kong being our eighth addition. Data centers underpin our business and we are confident that Equinix's Cloud Exchange will enable the speed, resilience and reduced latency our customers have come to expect from our company. Equinix's global footprint of interconnected data centers has allowed our business to really thrive," said Gordon McArthur, CEO, Beeks Financial Cloud.

Today, banks, brokers, forex companies, and professional traders are increasingly relying on high-speed, secure and low-latency connections for more efficient business transactions, as demand for data centers and colocation services in the cloud, enterprise and financial services sector continues to grow. According to a July 2016 report by Gartner – Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the 'Glue' for Advanced Digital Business Applications – digital business is "enabled and enhanced through high-speed, secure, low-latency communication among enterprise assets, cloud resources, and an ecosystem of service providers and peers. Architects and IT leaders must consider carrier-neutral data center interconnection as a digital business enabler."

Beeks Financial Cloud, a UK-based company, first deployed in an Equinix London data center four years ago on one server rack, now has approximately 80 interconnections within Equinix across eight data centers situated in financial business hubs around the world. These direct connections provide increased performance and security between Beeks and its customers and partners across its digital supply chain. Beeks was the first provider in the world to use cross connects to ensure a retail trader customer had a direct connection to their broker.

Beeks' new deployment in Equinix's Cloud Exchange provides the necessary digital infrastructure and access to a mature financial services business ecosystem to connect with major financial services providers in key markets around the globe via the cloud. Equinix's global data centers are home to 1,000+ financial services companies and the world's largest multi-asset class electronic trading ecosystem— interconnected execution venues and trading platforms, market data vendors, service providers, and buy-side and sell-side firms.

Equinix's Cloud Exchange offers software-defined direct connections to multiple CSPs including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Office 365, IBM Softlayer, Oracle Cloud, and others. This has allowed Beeks to scale up rapidly while securely connecting to multiple cloud providers.

Beeks Financial Cloud has continued to expand its business on Equinix's global interconnection platform of 146 International Business Exchanges™ (IBX®) in 40 markets across the globe. Beeks is currently deployed in Equinix's International Business Exchanges™ (IBX®) in London, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Chicago, and most recently, Hong Kong.

The move to Equinix's Cloud Exchange is expected to help save approximately £1M over the next three years, while enabling Beeks Financial Cloud to meet the needs of its global customer base who thrive and grow through forex trading.

London is a key player in the global digital economy, with the fifth largest GDP by metropolitan area in the world. Equinix's flagship London data center based in Slough (LD6) is one of the fastest-growing in the UK and has been established as a hub for businesses to interconnect in a secure colocation environment.