Fusion has announced that it has signed a three year, $350,000 cloud solutions contract with a major, multi-site radiology center headquartered in the Midwest. The win demonstrates Fusion's increasing success in the health care vertical. Fusion's specialized solutions are winning growing acceptance among health care providers who cite Fusion's comprehensive understanding of the industry's needs and its professional expertise in delivering effective solutions that solve its unique problems.

The radiology center has continuously evolved its imaging technology for over seventy years, providing expert diagnoses and treatment to patients referred by multiple hospitals and ambulatory care centers in the region. It was impressed with Fusion's flexibility and agility in customizing solutions to meet the industry's demanding compliance requirements.

The center also noted that Fusion's feature-rich cloud communications solutions are provided over the company's own advanced, yet proven cloud services platform, allowing for the seamless, cost-effective integration of additional cloud services. Citing quality and business continuity concerns, the center was further impressed that Fusion's solutions are integrated with secure, diverse connections to the cloud over its robust, geo-redundant national network, with end to end quality of service guarantees and business continuity built in.

Fusion's single source cloud solutions offer the radiology center a single point of contact under one contract for integrated services, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors, and optimizing efficiency with shared, burstable resources across the enterprise.

"We appreciate the healthcare's industry's increasing confidence in us, and we are pleased to have been selected to help the center advance its technology investments with our cost-effective single source cloud solutions. Fusion is committed to providing healthcare institutions with the solutions they need to provide the highest levels of care professionally, efficiently and compassionately," said Russell P. Markman, Fusion's president of business services.