Unitrends has announced an enhanced group of models in its award-winning Recovery Series appliance family, a scalable collection of physical backup appliances with de-duplicated capacity ranging from 2TB to 3.6PB. These re-imagined purpose-built backup appliances have been constructed from the ground up to address today’s and tomorrow’s more demanding IT infrastructure challenges and deliver better, faster, and smarter application, hypervisor, operating system, server, and storage protection. These next generation backup appliances deliver:

  • Integrated hybrid cloud capabilities – Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Unitrends Cloud

  • Ransomware and malware purpose-built Linux-based capabilities

  • One hundred percent storage I/O bandwidth increase

  • 25% to 50% higher density

  • Up to 10x increase in network performance

  • Four times increase in backup copy I/O storage bandwidth

  • Tiered flash/solid state storage for optimized performance, scalability, and reliability

  • Integrated and connected predictive analytics that increase customer’s ROI

  • More instant recovery and recovery assurance capabilities

  • Unitrends latest release 9.1 backup and continuity software

“Our significant data growth is increasing faster than anyone could have planned for, which placed a burden on our limited on-premises backup storage,” said James Pomeroy, Network Systems Support at Brownlee LLP. “We upgraded to Unitrends’ new backup appliance models due to the updated hardware components that provide more storage and improved performance in a smaller physical format, which saves space in our racks and lowers our operating costs. More importantly, the all-in-one format of these physical appliances requires much less effort to set up and manage our backup compared to competing solutions we tried, freeing up valuable time for me to work on strategic projects.”

“The legacy approach of slapping backup software on Windows after trying to find the right server, storage, and cloud vendor significantly hinders IT professionals being able to focus on the needs of their business,” said Paul Brady, CEO of Unitrends. “These new backup appliances together with Unitrends Cloud are the cornerstone of our all-in-one ‘one throat to choke’ approach that delivers IT confidence.”