2nd Watch has announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery Partner status for four AWS service offerings including Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Database Migration Service. 2nd Watch also holds AWS competencies for Migration, DevOps, Big Data, Life Sciences, and Marketing and Commerce, and is an audited, approved and accredited AWS Managed Service Partner.

The AWS Service Delivery Program recently launched and is designed to highlight APNPartners who have a track record of delivering verified customer success for specific AWS products, so . customers can easily find qualified APN Partners that provide expertise in a specific service or skill area. To qualify, APN Partners must pass service-specific verification of customer references and a technical review, meaning customers can be confident they are working with partners that provide recent and relevant experience.

"Our customers in all industries are looking to transform their businesses through the power of data, which has traditionally been extremely difficult and costly to harness in real time," says Jeff Aden, executive VP of strategic business development and marketing, 2nd Watch. "AWS services have evolved to help customers quickly deploy big data projects on a flexible, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure, opening up opportunities that were impossible to envision even a few years ago. Our business is growing rapidly in this area, as organizations look to our expertise across AWS."

2nd Watch customers include enterprise and consumer brands such as Lenovo, Yamaha, Coca-Cola and Crate & Barrel. These companies are adopting AWS offerings for more efficient data management, analytics and content delivery capabilities, including:

  • Amazon Aurora to quickly, reliably, simply and cost-effectively set up, operate and scale its customers' MySQL deployments.

  • Amazon CloudFront to improve performance of customer websites and accelerate content delivery to their end users simply, reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Amazon Redshift, which powers 2nd Watch's data warehouse architecture, automating most of the common administrative tasks associated with provisioning, configuring, monitoring, backing up, and securing a data warehouse. Customers can provision more capacity and compute in a matter of minutes, optimizing the efficiencies of big data projects.

  • AWS Database Migration Service to complete customer migrations from any database platform quickly and securely. By allowing the source database to remain fully operational during the migration, customers experience zero downtime.