MemSQL has announced that Derek Tan, Amazon Redshift founding engineer, has joined MemSQL as director of engineering for the cloud strategy and development team. MemSQL also announced today in a separate release the unveiling of MemSQL Cloud, a fully managed service offering, at AWS re:Invent. 

As the second engineer hired at Amazon Redshift, Derek played a critical role in creating and launching the fastest growing service in AWS history. Derek managed engineering and operations from its inception, and had his finger on the pulse of database cloud services. Most recently, Derek served as the Principal Group Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft. While there, he oversaw the Azure Data Catalog service, providing self-service data asset discovery within the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite.

At MemSQL, Derek will drive innovation for the company's cloud service to support customers focusing on fast insights and action. Under Derek's supervision, the MemSQL Cloud Team will automate and manage the provisioning and operation of a highly available, real-time database. Derek will also contribute to the full MemSQL product offering by developing a regular cadence of updates, ensuring users have access to new features, even faster.

"I've enjoyed working at the intersection of cloud computing and big data, and that's exactly what joining MemSQL allows me to do. The company has always pushed the limits of database technology," said Derek Tan, Director of Engineering, MemSQL. "With the introduction of MemSQL Cloud, we're opening up new and interesting opportunities for businesses needing real-time data ingest and analytics in the cloud."

"As we continue to see more and more database workloads move to the cloud, we need to ensure that MemSQL is a cloud-first company," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and co-founder, MemSQL. "Bringing on cloud experts like Derek is core to the ongoing MemSQL cloud strategy, and critical to our continued growth and innovation."