Ensono™ has introduced Ensono M.O., an IT services platform for managing complex client solutions regardless of data center or cloud infrastructure and location. Designed to meet global client requirements, Ensono M.O. is built on an established client service management platform developed by Attenda, a leading UK-based hybrid IT managed services provider acquired by Ensono earlier this year.

Ensono M.O. enables the delivery of business critical IT managed services for applications and infrastructure, ensuring exceptionally high service levels and creating scalable, robust and transparent service delivery modes directly to clients.

“Hybrid IT solutions are changing the way organizations around the world manage data assets to meet existing business needs and to optimally build for future success. However, every new approach comes with new challenges and the need for innovative solution-specific, performance-oriented management tools,” said Brian Klingbeil, COO, Ensono. “Ensono M.O. is the result of our determination to keep clients’ needs top-of-mind as we continue to expand our operations, processes and services delivered.”

Application performance in hybrid IT environments has typically been a function of simple infrastructure provisioning. This limited approach cannot manage complex resources in real-time nor ensure optimal, dynamic application performance. Ensono M.O. provides a structured approach to integrating people, processes and technology across multiple platforms. It enables Ensono to provide exceptional service levels across its entire client base, and the platform can be adapted and enhanced based on the changing needs of our clients.

Ensono M.O. has been developed as a direct result of hands-on experience for more than 15 years. Ensono’s Apptemetry1 Technology toolset provides high levels of automation, and a unified process model based on the ITIL framework, designed to optimize efficiency and reduce errors. The platform promotes a culture of continuous service improvement, and the structure, processes and tools position clients at the forefront of all activity.

Additional features of the Ensono M.O. platform include:

  • Integrated toolset that provides a single view of the client infrastructure in real time, regardless of location and platform

  • Efficient development of best practice IT service management process in one integrated toolset

  • Automation of working practices to help drive significant staffing efficiencies

  • Business critical transaction and application infrastructure monitoring and management

  • High levels of automation and scalability

  • Scalable, open architecture enabling modular expansion

  • “Best bet” capability allows operations teams to quickly identify and triage an incident based on historical information about a clients’ environment (recent changes, problem records, related incidents, etc.)

  • Global Operations Centers provide 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of critical applications for all clients

The Ensono M.O. platform is currently utilized in the UK, and will be implemented for the North American client base in 2017.

1 Apptemetry is the collective name for the combination of Attenda developed and integrated Commercial Off-The-Shelf Enterprise Management (COTS EM) software.