Microsoft has licensed for use for their global customer base the Common Controls Hub™ (CCH). By doing so, Microsoft underscores its commitment to assist their clients in meeting and retaining the highest level of compliance in all aspects of their enterprise.

Why the Common Controls Hub™ Is Significant

The Common Controls Hub is the SaaS portal to the data in the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF). It is a research and information database that provides compliance professionals with the ability to maintain regulatory compliance for both national and international standards that apply to their enterprise and industry. The CCH connects the various criteria, policies, and lexicons of over 200,000 individual compliance mandates across over 800 laws, standards, and regulations (referred to by the UCF as Authority Documents) from around the world. By creating a standardized structure that traces the what, why, and how of every Authority Document, the CCH harmonizes the rules and regulations with which they must comply. It also provides the means to track compliance activities over time, for both internal and external audit purposes.

To achieve its objective, the CCH incorporates all the elements of each body of rules into its database, where it maps each separate mandate in relation to all other mandates. Dividing every rule set into five domains, 15 "Impact Zones" and three categories, the program identifies all the controls that affect their organization, the authority documents that establish those controls, and the details of implementation that will demonstrate compliance.

Why Microsoft's Licensing Is Significant

At Microsoft, compliance with the rules is an ethical matter. The company's Standards of Business Conduct embody its values of integrity and ethical business practices, and every Microsoft employee is expected to follow the company's internal standards, as well as national and international laws.

In its Trust Center, the company offers its customers the proprietary programs and services that help them do the same high level of ethical business in this complex, digital world. Products related to digital and corporate security, privacy, transparency and, compliance, are utilized by millions of consumers each year. Until now, however, the company did not have a tool that provided the comprehensive analytics necessary to identify both the rule sets and the mandates with which each of its customers was required to follow.

The addition of the Common Controls Hub in a branded whitebox in Microsoft's Trust Center marks the first time the technology giant has placed the product of an outside content provider alongside their already sizeable and significant proprietary programming as a valid and valuable resource for its existing and potential customers.