DataCore Software has announced that it has partnered with Supermicro to create an enterprise-class hyper-converged solution that delivers the benefits of ultra-high performance and web-scale simplicity. While priced to provide a cost-effective option for traditional hyper-converged use cases such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and ROBO, these systems deliver the world’s fastest Hyper-converged performance and can also run demanding enterprise applications such as databases and ERP systems using a fraction of the nodes required by others to run similar workloads. 

Powered by DataCore’s software that is proven in more than 30,000 deployments worldwide, the new solution offers hyper-consolidation for top productivity as well as the ‘zero-touch’ continuous availability needed to keep businesses running without disruptions. The combination of DataCore’s record-breaking Parallel I/O technology with Supermicro's multi-core, multi-processor systems super charges I/O performance to deliver industry-leading productivity and consolidation ratios — all in a single, ready-to-run appliance that combines both storage and servers.


Increase Performance and Reduce Costs

“Hyper-converged does not have to mean underpowered. Deploying a dozen nodes to meet reasonable performance is not only costly but the opposite of the Hyper-converged promise to be simple to manage. Companies are looking to take the next step to fulfill their vision of consolidating and reducing the complexity of their infrastructure,” stated Carlos M. Carreras, senior vice president of worldwide business development at DataCore Software. “But this has remained an aspiration since surveys show many companies don’t believe they can run demanding enterprise applications on Hyper-converged systems and many have experienced slower applications after server virtualization, with 77% pointing to I/O problems and slower response times as the root cause.”

This lack of performance is the primary reason that enterprises have not seen the consolidation ratios expected from server virtualization, or the resultant cost savings. DataCore and Supermicro are focused on radically improving the productivity gains achievable from better consolidation and cost savings by providing virtualized applications improved I/O performance and faster response times. Put simply, these solutions will allow users to ‘do more with less.’


Next-generation Infrastructure Consolidation with Hyper-converged

“Supermicro is pleased to partner with DataCore to deliver a Hyper-converged solution based on Supermicro optimized server and storage systems that drives industry-leading I/O performance and consolidation ratios,” stated Don Clegg, vice president of marketing and business development, Supermicro. “The net result is increased performance and VM density that enterprises need to realize greater consolidation savings, faster performance and higher availability for virtualized applications.”

The storage and Hyper-converged landscape is evolving from premium-priced, proprietary hardware and software solutions to open, industry-standard hardware and the benefits are significant: reduced vendor lock-in and significant innovation with new technologies. DataCore is able to capitalize on this industry paradigm by pairing standard hardware devices with world-record shattering performance storage virtualization and hyper-converged virtual SAN solutions. Together, Supermicro devices in conjunction with DataCore are changing the dynamics and the economics of storage and servers.

“Supermicro's extensive high density storage and compute platforms are a leading choice for DataCore’s powerful Hyper-converged product,” noted Carreras. “The modular design system, with application-optimized platforms, provides maximum performance and efficiency. Moreover, the Supermicro and DataCore Hyper-converged solution enables users to scale their applications with the smallest possible footprint in a modern data center or remote office.”