Interoute has announced Asset Handling has selected Interoute to deliver its cloud infrastructure platform and disaster recovery. Asset Handling has chosen Interoute managed cloud services to run its relational database SQL platforms for storing customer data collected from sensors and other asset management input streams. It also uses Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) as an agile, scalable IaaS service to perform real-time big data analysis of its vast quantities of system data and logs, which processes around 20 million records of data per week.

Asset Handling helps its customers make informed decisions based on intelligent data. Its asset management products and services use the Interoute cloud to process data gathered by customer-side sensors and other input mechanisms, and assist customers in using the results to identify risks, prevent breakdowns, optimise maintenance regimes and reduce unplanned downtime. Via a customised dashboard, Asset Handling provides its customers with real-time access to critical asset information such as vibration, temperature and acoustics. Customers can access and share real-time meaningful information wherever they are and from any connected device. Service engineers, for example, can access the analysed data before they arrive on site and make sure they have the right replacement parts for any repairs, to avoid multiple trips.

Asset Handling has a strong customer base that includes many UK water companies. To meet the data residency requirements of these customers, Asset Handling currently uses Interoute’s physical and Virtual Data Centre facilities in the UK. However, the company is seeing increasing international interest in its proven industry solutions and the Interoute platform, offering of more than a dozen geographical locations across Europe, USA and Asia, makes it a good fit for future global expansion of the company’s customer base.

Stephen Harrison, director at Asset Handling, said, “Interoute’s excellent reputation provides additional credibility to our portfolio and has helped us win new business. For us, Interoute is the perfect partner to meet our requirements for a trusted, scalable and global cloud provider. The Interoute cloud gives us a complete digital platform with the flexibility that we need. With Interoute, we can quickly stand up an SQL server or expand our big data analytics platform to interact with new production environments. We can focus on developing our product roadmap safe in the knowledge the platform is under control.”

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, comments, “Asset Handling’s systems manage over a million readings each day. Faced with such large volumes of data, it’s essential for it to use a highly secure, yet agile platform. Interoute’s geographically distributed cloud computing facilities benefit from being built directly into the private network backbone. Data can be hosted and processed closer to users, providing a better overall performance experience. With the support of Interoute’s digital platform, Asset Handling is turning big data into valuable information for its customers in the UK and beyond.”