IBM has announced that Clarient Global LLC ("Clarient"), a joint venture established to transform client data and document management in the financial services industry, has selected VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud to continue to enhance its existing SoftLayer private cloud implementation for its Clarient Entity Hub platform.

Clarient Entity Hub allows users to securely upload, maintain and share information about legal entities through a secure, easy-to-use interface. The platform automates the validation of client data and documentation, providing users with greater transparency and control, as well as improved risk management capabilities.

With this new implementation, Clarient has enhanced its Clarient Entity Hub application with VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud running on bare metal servers. Through this private cloud, Clarient will continue to improve its security, scale and flexibility while achieving greater server density due to the ability to control and manage the hypervisors.

In addition to this private cloud solution, which was streamlined due to the strategic partnership between IBM and VMware announced earlier this year, Clarient has integrated with IBM's Business Process Management (BPM) to provide clients with even greater data and process visibility and management.

"Clarient creates efficiency in the client entity data and document management space by providing transparency, control and standardization," said Natalia Kory, CTO, Clarient. "As the Clarient Entity Hub community grows, we continually assess ways to further enhance the solution workflow in order to improve the overall client experience and increase processing efficiencies. IBM's BPM solution, in conjunction with the VMWare Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud solution, will help Clarient to achieve these requirements while reducing the cost of platform maintenance."

In addition to flexibility, the IBM Cloud provides Clarient with a fully redundant, low latency network that allows for near real-time communication between datacenter locations, making it easier to keep replication sites in sync at no charge for network usage.

"The innovative solution that Clarient provides financial institutions around the world is increasingly critical, as the need for accurate and compliant client entity data continues to grow," said Bill Karpovich, general manager, IBM Cloud Platform. "By leveraging a partnership with IBM and VMware, Clarient is able to extend its global and controllable infrastructure footprint."

"Our cloud partnership with IBM continues to grow and evolve as we look to enable clients, such as Clarient, to solve the key industry challenges," said Geoff Waters, vice president, global service provider channel, VMware. "The Clarient Entity Hub is a new way to address the unique requirements within the financial services sector and provide fast, automated and accurate client entity data. We look forward to joint success with IBM and enabling clients to continue to adopt the cloud while preserving their existing investments."