In a recent IDC (International Data Corporation) Multi-Client Study, CloudView 2016, respondents to the survey said they expect to increase their cloud spending by approximately 44% over the next two years, and 70% of heavy cloud users are thinking in terms of a "hybrid" cloud strategy. 

To keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape, Insight released a new Hybrid Cloud Assessment service, which helps businesses navigate and take advantage of the complex hybrid cloud environment.

A combination of both public and private platforms, hybrid cloud provides organizations with greater IT and infrastructure flexibility, as well as visibility and control over their cloud usage. As a result, hybrid cloud enables business agility, including streamlined operations and improved cost management. Companies can now enter new markets or launch new products and services more quickly and efficiently in a highly competitive business environment.

“We built a methodology and tool set that allows us to assess a company’s full portfolio of applications and to provide the optimal deployment and consumption model for each client,” said Stan Lequin, VP, services, Insight. “This approach enables us to deliver a non-disruptive and customized Hybrid Cloud roadmap.”

The Hybrid Cloud Assessment provides a clear and unbiased guide for businesses to transition to the cloud, including design, deployment, and management.

“We developed this tool to allow us to efficiently evaluate workloads and determine where they are best deployed based on application dependency mapping, cloud consumption models, and a variety of additional factors,” said Lequin.

Insight takes into account distinct market drivers and challenges and tests every potential IT scenario to develop the right solutions to help clients accomplish their specific goals.