Bedrock Data™ ha announced that Thor Johnson has joined the company as chief executive officer (CEO). The announcement comes on the heels of marked growth and success across all facets of the company over the past 12 months, including a more than doubling across three key metrics: month-over-month bookings, number of SaaS platform connectors and connector depth.

John Marcus, co-founder, will assume the position of chief product evangelist for the company. "Adding Thor to our executive team positions Bedrock Data to further accelerate our company and product momentum. Bedrock Data more than doubled across every key measurable in the past year, serves hundreds of customers with tens of millions of continually synchronized data records. We have a partner portfolio that includes HubSpot, Marketo, ConnectWise, NetSuite, and Microsoft, along with a truly exceptional investor and advisor group. Bringing Thor in now ensures that we will expand on this progress and continue to shape our industry in the future," said Marcus.

A strategic visionary with a proven track record of creating category leaders, Johnson brings more than two decades of SaaS experience, together with marketing, sales, finance and operations management expertise to Bedrock Data. Prior to Bedrock Data, Johnson served as chief marketing officer of Intralinks and as chief marketer for Eloqua Corporation, a leader in SaaS marketing software, now part of Oracle (NYSE: ORCL).

Johnson explained, "SaaS opens the door to many more software buyers who are buying best-of-breed point solutions. Unfortunately, most of these departmental systems don't talk to each other effectively, or at all. Bedrock Data elegantly and simply automates complex and costly manual integration, cleans disparate data across multiple systems and connects departments to each other's information."

According to a recent Gartner press release, "The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 16.5 percent in 2016 to a total $204 billion, up from $175 billion in 2015." "Cloud application services (SaaS) is expected to grow by 20.3% in 2016, to $37.7 billion."

Johnson continued, "The market opportunity for Bedrock Data is enormous. The first-class team has created a product, already in its second generation. We have excellent partners and investors. I am proud to be part of this company and its extremely promising future."

Bedrock Data's investors include .406 Ventures together with a who's who of industry software icons, including Mike Volpe, angel investor and former HubSpot CMO, who noted, "Bedrock Data solves an important problem with cloud applications. Even with business leaders purchasing best-of-breed, point solutions, companies lose their ability to stay aligned around a single view of the customer. Bedrock Data automates the expensive, manual systems integration task that cloud proliferation has created."