Denodo has positioned Denodo as a Visionary in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. According to Gartner, “The biggest changes in the market from 2015 are the increased demand for data virtualization, the growing use of data integration tools to combine ‘data lakes’ with existing integration solutions, and the overall expectation that data integration will become cloud- and on-premises-agnostic” (August 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools).

Data virtualization has achieved broad recognition as an agile method of data integration for organizations frustrated with long, repetitive, and expensive methods of physically moving data such as ETL (Extract, Transform and Load).

Data virtualization is a virtual data layer that combines disparate data from a variety of source systems into complete, connected information and then presents that information to business users through applications and reporting solutions. Data virtualization has grown to become a critical part of modern data architectures. This is due to its flexible approach and ability to quickly integrate new data sources and to provide the information in real-time to business users.

“We believe that Denodo’s furthest placement in the visionaries quadrant for completeness of vision demonstrates that our approach to data virtualization is the most complete in this quadrant,” said Ravi Shankar, chief marketing officer at Denodo. “Version 6.0 of the award winning Denodo Platform accelerates fast data strategy with breakthrough performance in big data, logical data warehouses, and operational scenarios; facilitates solution adoption with data virtualization in the cloud; and expedites the use of data by business users with self-service data discovery and search. Denodo’s customers are benefiting from shorter time, fewer resources, and lower cost to solution.”

The Denodo Platform serves critical enterprise roles including:

  • CIOs and CDOs in supporting new business models, digitalization initiatives, strong ROI from reduction in resources and integration costs. Denodo also accelerates analytics initiatives resulting in more timely insights, increased revenue and operational excellence.
  • Enterprise, data, and solution architects in exploiting modern data architectures such as logical data warehouse, logical data lake, and data as a service in support of analytical and operational initiatives.
  • Business users by accelerating the decision making process through dynamic adaptation to business requirements, agile data delivery, trusted insights, and self-service data discovery capabilities.
  • Developers by providing Denodo Express edition for expediting POCs, ease of use, and configuration of the product and advanced optimization techniques such as dynamic query optimization.