Rackspace® has announced from Rackspace::Solve that Rackspace® Managed Security for Microsoft® Azure® is now available in early access. This means that companies using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)™, Rackspace Dedicated Hosting, and Rackspace Managed VMware® Cloud can now benefit from the additional security protections provided by Rackspace Managed Security to detect and respond to security threats across leading cloud platforms.

With Rackspace Managed Security for Microsoft Azure, Rackspace customers leveraging the Aviator service level of Fanatical Support® for Azure can layer additional active security on their Microsoft Azure cloud platform to identify and respond to advanced cyber threats. Whereas most managed security service providers only notify customers about a breach, leaving it to the customer to respond, Rackspace Managed Security utilizes pre-approved actions to promptly remediate many security issues. This level of security strengthens customers' environments beyond the operational network and infrastructure security provided by most cloud providers. Rackspace Managed Security also complements the strategic planning, architectural guidance and 24x7x365 operational support available through Rackspace Fanatical Support for Azure.

"In today's cybersecurity landscape, organizations are no longer asking if they should have a security solution in place, but rather whether they should do it themselves or partner with a trusted managed security service provider," said Brannon Lacey, general manager of Rackspace Managed Security. "We are proud to extend this security solution to Azure, as it represents the continued growth of our Managed Security capabilities and aligns with the overall Rackspace mission to provide the best expertise and service across the world's leading clouds."

Rackspace launched Rackspace Managed Security in September 2015 to help provide greater business resiliency by helping protect customer data and respond to cyber attacks before they are able to impact customers' businesses. This approach lessens customer burden on budget and in-house expertise. Rackspace Managed Security provides host and network security, 24x7x365 monitoring and response from Rackspace experts in the Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) as well as compliance assistance guidance to ease the burden of achieving and maintaining compliance.

According to a cloud security survey from ESG, 32% of enterprise cybersecurity and IT professionals said "their organization finds it challenging to monitor cloud-based network traffic patterns to detect anomalous/suspicious behavior. This could be related to monitoring weaknesses and/or skills deficiencies, but either way it makes organizations more vulnerable to cyber-attacks."1 Furthermore, 33% of enterprise cybersecurity and IT professionals said "their organization finds it challenging to maintain regulatory compliance while using cloud infrastructure. This certainly restricts organizations' ability to maximize cloud computing business benefits."2

"With Rackspace Managed Security, Rackspace addresses and solves for security needs in organizations that use multiple cloud providers. This is particularly a challenge for organizations facing a cybersecurity skills shortage," said Dan Conde, analyst from ESG Research. "Top challenges for cloud security includes the ability to provision security controls, assessing the security status, monitoring workloads and maintaining regulatory compliance across clouds. As Rackspace expands its security capabilities across multiple cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, they address the security needs and improves the velocity for on-boarding to a multi-cloud world."

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