Rootstock has announced that BT Partners has been appointed to help manufacturers and distributors learn about, buy, and implement Rootstock's Cloud Manufacturing ERP software. For 30 years, the Chicago provider of technology-based business consulting services has been helping manufacturers and distribution organizations improve the ways their businesses operate with ERP and financial software solutions. 

"With Rootstock's Manufacturing and Distribution Cloud ERP, a manufacturer or distributor can reduce its IT operational costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to the cloud provider and get their ERP solution up and running faster," emphasizes Todd Perlman, president of BT Partners. "With its ERP built on the Salesforce platform, Rootstock customers leverage investment in their Salesforce platform by integrating it seamlessly with other Salesforce cloud applications."

"Today, Cloud ERP buyers need to be cautious," adds Pat Garrehy, CEO of Rootstock Software. "Not all ERP systems are developed from a manufacturing core, especially those residing in the Cloud.  Some vendors begin with accounting software while others start out in maintenance or human resources. Rootstock's core functions have been architected based on the needs and environment of supply chain-based organizations. Our solution is extended and enhanced by BT Partners' technical architects as they are leaders in their field and familiar with the global governance, data management and complex integrations necessary for manufacturers to be successful."

BT Partners is experienced in working with manufacturing and distribution companies with complex inventory and shipping needs. BT Partners will assess ERP utilization and review processes and identify needs that are not met now or are emerging soon. BT Partners is focused on developing recommendations for optimizing clients' investments and managing the implementation process.