CloudJumper has announced that construction industry software leader, HCSS, has standardized its cloud-based construction software solutions on the CloudJumper nWorkSpace WaaS platform. A pioneer in heavy construction software, HCSS leverages CloudJumper to provide the company’s HeavyBid*, HeavyJob*, and other applications in a hosted environment. Additionally, HCSS utilizes CloudJumper’s platform to deliver complete IT workspaces that allow customers to access critical business applications.

HCSS’s applications support thousands of construction users across the United States in streamlining their operations with cloud-based access to HeavyBid and HeavyJob. The company’s software applications help construction companies better manage their projects from bid to completion. Prior to CloudJumper, HCSS built an in-house solution to make HeavyBid and HeavyJob available to its customers via the cloud. While they were running a successful platform, the company’s exponential growth over a short period of time soon created challenges regarding scalability and speed of deployment. To address the issue, HCSS chose the CloudJumper platform with its service-oriented infrastructure to build a full-featured cloud application software offering capable of meeting user demand.

“We have been growing tremendously and CloudJumper has been growing with us which is what we look for in a business partner,” said Ketul Parekh, cloud services manager, HCSS. “This is very strategic technology for HCSS, requiring a strong partnership to ensure our mutual success. CloudJumper is always there as a partner, and that is an important part of their value.”

“During our review of alternate vendors, it was clear from the evaluations that CloudJumper offered the most mature platform,” added Parekh. “The executives and support team at CloudJumper understood what we needed to meet our goals and worked closely with us to develop the right cloud solution for our software. Having standardized on the CloudJumper nWorkSpace platform, the technology has proven itself in cloud-enabling our applications without the need to redevelop existing software.”

HCSS customers benefit from reduced costs by eliminating the need to invest capital in new servers or IT staff to support application servers and associated infrastructure. Applications are deployed in an enterprise-class environment that includes data backup and redundancy for data protection and business continuity which greatly simplifies IT management. The solution also allows HCSS to target smaller customers as the barriers of entry are lower for deploying the application in a hosted environment compared to a traditional on-site or self-hosted model. The automation, ease of deployment, and scalability of nWorkSpace have been crucial to the solution’s success in helping HCSS deploy software quickly. This has been a win for HCSS and its customers.

CloudJumper markets its solutions through a robust white label program and simplifies management for partners with its easy-to-use control panel, a single pane-of-glass provisioning system, allowing for complete control over customer installations. CloudJumper operates a network of autonomous data centers, all connected by a highly available fiber-optic network. From these locations, the company provides cloud computing solutions with inherent geographical diversity for customers.

“We have made the road to the cloud a simple and cost-effective process for ISVs seeking a highly scalable platform to bring their software to customers globally,” said JD Helms, president, CloudJumper. “As illustrated in the case with HCSS, the level of workflow and automation we provide significantly reduces the complexity and cost of cloud-enabling entire catalogs of software in a secure, highly reliable platform.”