IndependenceIT has announced general availability of its adaptive Cloud Management Platform (CMP+) at the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto, Canada.

IndependenceIT’s next-generation software platform, CMP+, allows IT administrators to create and automate Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs), as well as public, private, or hybrid cloud-based servers, applications, and workloads. The solution allows for greater choice in how these services are orchestrated and deployed. CMP+ permits administrators to provision and manage not only servers, but meaningful workloads where performance, availability, and accessibility can be tuned through administrative policies. Designed for both enterprises and IT service providers, the platform provides the highest level of automation and pre-set workflows to improve support, reduce administrative management, and lower costs.

In addition to enhanced automation and workflows, CMP+ provides a unified view of all workloads that enables organizations to reallocate and streamline resources for improved operational margins. The platform is an evolution of IndependenceIT’s innovative software suite that automates many manual and resource-intensive activities while enabling IT administrators to quickly create, easily manage, and adapt to changing conditions, such as fast scaling of workload capacity up or down.

In conjunction with the release of CMP+, the company is enhancing its partner program to support channel adoption and delivery. With respect to licensing, the enhanced program allows partners to self-deploy an unlimited number of SDDCs on any combination of public, private or hybrid cloud platforms for a minimum licensing fee of $100 per month per SDDC. The price includes the licensing or management of 15 end users or up to 50 virtual machines. The enhanced pricing model allows partners to take advantage of the innovative capabilities and rapidly deploying SDDCs and workloads on any platform with greater flexibility and easier management than previously possible.

According to a recent report by International Data Corporation (IDC)(1), "IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace Suite 5.0 – Enabling Choice in Public Cloud Virtual Client Computing Deployments," March 28, 2016, “One compelling set of CMP+ features serve to even the playing field between the large IaaS suppliers and the companies that engage their services for VCC deployments. Because the environments, architectures, management tools, and business models are highly heterogeneous, migration is difficult and lock-in becomes a dangerous proposition. With the IndependenceIT solution the tasks to initially set up a Virtual Client Computing deployment on a given cloud or migrate an existing deployment to another provider are simplified and automated. Likewise, such tasks can be completed in minutes as opposed to days, mitigating the risks associated with lock-in.”

“With CMP+ we have elevated the ability to provision, manage, automate, support and adapt workloads to meet demanding business requirements,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “Our platform brings new levels of efficiency to IT, while expanding choice and capitalizing on the value of existing investments. We welcome those interested in leveraging the technology for their business or IT services organization to visit with us at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference to experience the technology firsthand.”