Dataguise has announced that Dataguise DgSecure® 6.0 is now available in the Amazon Web Services AWS Marketplace. DgSecure provides the ability to detect, protect, and monitor sensitive data as it lives and moves across on-premises and cloud-based repositories, including Amazon S3 via the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) platform. With DgSecure, data-driven enterprises can maintain total ownership of all sensitive data — known or unknown — in the cloud, enabling business users to embrace the power and efficiencies of cloud computing while minimizing data privacy and compliance concerns. The solution was recently demonstrated at the AWS Summit in Santa Clara.

One of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption is data security and compliance. With the growing usage of cloud services by business users without IT involvement, maintaining enterprise-wide ownership over sensitive data in the cloud is a major challenge. Dataguise DgSecure helps identify gaps in the enterprise’s security and compliance efforts by offering a simple, powerful solution for global sensitive data governance. Unmatched in its ability to discover and continually detect sensitive data across on-premises and cloud-based repositories, and then secure and monitor it, DgSecure gives IT and business executives the insight they need to:

  • Understand data breach, privacy, and compliance risks, on a global scale, at any given time
  • Make risk-based decisions about data access, usage, and security
  • Protect the organization while facilitating new data-driven initiatives to grow the business

“DgSecure’s availability through the AWS Marketplace is an important milestone for us,” said JT Sison, VP, marketing and business development, Dataguise. “Doing business in the cloud is real-time, and our enterprise customers rely on us to keep up. In conjunction with Amazon EMR, DgSecure enables business users to harness the full potential of their data in Amazon S3 to maximize the business value while minimizing the risk.”