IndependenceIT has announced the availability of a new Impact Report 451 Research, IndependenceIT Boosts User Experience with Cloud Workspace Suite 5.0, June, 2016, by 451 Research on IndependenceIT’s version 5.0 release. The new report, titled “IndependenceIT Boosts User Experience with Cloud Workspace Suite 5.0,” can be accessed here.

Version 5.0 is a powerful cloud management platform that addresses IT challenges at all levels with specific enhancements designed for cross platform software defined data center deployment and management, software defined networking, application workload delivery / management and Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS). The new software has been given a complete user interface / user experience (UI/UX) re-write, new menu structure and iconography, enhanced workflow/functionality, and more. For the IT administrator, this provides an optimized experience and time saving features for greater control over the costs of service delivery. In the recently published report which focused on version 5.0, 451 Research commented on the product’s key enhancements.

“IndependenceIT has made good efforts in keeping pace with partner requirements for platform scalability and usability. The company seems to have identified its niche and is heading in the right direction,” said Agatha Poon, research director and author of the 451 Research Impact Report. “The latest release of Cloud Workspace Suite has added features such as live server scaling and automated server cloning that channel partners and enterprise IT find attractive. Playing the role of an aggregator that facilitates management across multiple platforms and cloud environments, the company has ample opportunity to pursue new customers in both enterprise and service provider markets.”

IndependenceIT’s software is an integrated workspace automation platform that manages Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs), cloud-based workspaces, and application services for users anywhere, anytime and on any device. The cloud management platform is deployed globally by IT service providers, independent software vendors, and IT administrators to enable workspace-as-a-service solutions and app services. Cloud Workspace Suite allows its customers to quickly and easily provision, manage and monitor complete workspaces in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. The new capabilities in version 5.0 include:

IndependenceIT is working with a broad range of partners in preparation for upgrades to version 5.0. The company expects IT administrators to quickly adopt the new platform and capabilities as they capitalize on the product’s extended support for third-party cloud and virtual infrastructure. As stated in the report, “The company has extended support for SoftLayer, in addition to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, OpenStack, VMware vSphere/vCloud Director, Microsoft Hyper V, and Citrix XenServer. Since it has always pursued the strategy of being the aggregation point that facilitates workflow orchestration across multiple platforms and cloud environments, rather than just being one of the WaaS platforms, IndependenceIT is a strong advocate for cross-platform integration and orchestration.”

The report continued by detailing capabilities facilitating automated SDDC deployments. “Having directly integrated with Azure Active Directory, version 5.0 enables customers to provide Azure AD-as-a-service with single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication across public, private, and hybrid clouds. The full integration with Azure enables customers to rapidly self-deploy new software-defined data centers for any workload, including WaaS, app services, and private apps.”

“Version 5.0 is the most important update since the company’s founding and the experts at 451 Research have recognized the innovations and user-led capabilities we have worked tirelessly to incorporate,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “We invite both current and new partners to consider the industry’s most complete solution for real business agility and cost containment.”