PaaSLane 2.0 is a new solution for optimizing Java and .NET applications for cloud environments. PaaSLane 2.0 is designed to cut the time and expense of migrating applications to public or private clouds by analyzing application source code, discovering issues, and recommending solutions to ensure and maintain cloud readiness.

PaaSLane 2.0 features innovations including: full .NET language support, with over 200 .NET-specific rules; a redesigned reporting interface featuring live drill-down into alert detail along with interactive charting; and new options for exporting reports, a PDF summary report to share high-level application assessments as well as Excel-format detail reports with code-level data, able to be imported into issue trackers and agile development tools.

PaaSLane v2.0 enables users to rapidly assess applications for cloud readiness, identifying quick wins that can be migrated quickly, and prioritizing scarce resources, accelerate cloud migrations and the development of cloud-native software, and continuously optimize applications for evolving cloud platforms by delivering real-time intelligence on changes which affect the application.