D-Link’s ShareCenter® 4-Bay Network Unified Storage Enclosure (DNS-340L). Designed to provide features offered in both business and consumer storage arrays, the DNS-340L is an ideal solution for SMBs seeking a cost-effective iSCSI target for their video-surveillance projects and storage requirements.

Powered by the latest generation 1.2GHz CPU and 512MB RAM, the new Unified Storage Enclosure delivers high performance with low power consumption. The storage solution integrates a rich feature set which can act as a small multi-functional server to support applications such as media and print serving, FTP, web server, download and backup center, photo and audio center, surveillance, and more with an affordable price.

The DNS-340L integrates D-Link’s industry-leading mydlink® cloud service, allowing users to access files and applications from anywhere. With its free iOS and Android apps (the “mydlink Access-NAS” apps) you can also remotely stream multimedia content stored on your ShareCenter NAS to a mobile device.

In addition, this DNS-340L features powerful add-on interface/applications which extends the NAS’ functionality. Users can customize their own NAS by enabling applications like P2P Download Engine, Media Servers, Photo Center, Blog, Audio Streamer, and additional features to come, to fit their needs.

The DNS-340L integrates with the Surveillance Center application for four free channels (by default) and supports D-Link Cloud Cameras. It is also supports Hot Swap, USB 3.0 interface, and mydlink technologies including Zero Configuration, Email Notification, and the Redirect to NAS functions.

The DNS-340L delivers an easy-to-use solution for accessing, sharing, and backing up important data. Additional benefits include: 

  • Built-In iSCSI Target Support – Provides SMBs with a low-cost video surveillance iSCSI target.
  • Web-Enabled File Server – The high-powered network attached storage (NAS)allows users to download documents, photos and other multimedia files from anywhere, creating a personal cloud for greater security. The web interface also categorizes files according to type for easy searching and retrieving of data.
  • Built-in DLNA Certified Media Server and iTunes Server – Digital Media Streaming with a Built-in Media Server. Digital media files can be backed up to the D-Link DNS-340L ShareCenter for safekeeping with the pre-installed Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®)-certified Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Audio Visual media server. Digital content on the NAS can be streamed remotely to compatible media players such as a smart TV, Microsoft® Xbox 360 or to one’s mobile devices.
  • Stream to and from Mobile Devices – Alternatively, users can login to the mydlink Access–NAS app that is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play. This app allows users to access and stream music and videos, and view files and documents directly on their mobile devices over the air from the NAS. The app also allows for uploading of data from smart devices to the ShareCenter.