The WattNode Cloud is based on Continental Control Systems’ WattNode energy and power meter  — an industry leading, three-phase electric meter for use with external low voltage (333mV)) current transformers. All data from the meter is collected by the ezeio™ Controller – a versatile and secure data collection system with alarming and control and secure communication capabilities through the ezeControl cloud system.

Installing the WattNode Cloud requires connections to the phases to be metered and clamping the split core CT’s around the load wires. The display on the unit shows voltage, current, power and energy for each of the phases for an immediate verification that the installation is successful.

The WattNode Cloud communicates with the ezeControl servers via a built-in cellular radio, eliminating complicated wiring or network infrastructure. An optional hardwire connection for LAN access is also available.

The data from the WattNode Cloud can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device. The ezeControl system allows for multiple simultaneous users, and provides for alarms on power loss or other errant readings.

The WattNode Cloud along with the ezeControl systems can generate automatic reports, personal dashboards and much more. Building on technology from eze System, the data is secured; backed up in multiple locations worldwide.