Avere Systems has introduced its next generation of Edge filers, the FXT 5000 series. This series is the most powerful hybrid cloud storage product on the market to date, providing organizations of all sizes with the same technology that helps scale one of the world’s largest genomic sequencing databases and serves national treasures from the world’s largest digital assets library.

The FXT 5000 Edge filer series is comprised of two models — the 5400 and 5600. Major enhancements include:

  • Higher performance. The FXT 5600 delivers 70% more data throughput than previous FXT models for high-intensity use cases like rendering, genomic analysis and financial simulations, providing extreme performance scaling.
  • Higher capacity. The FXT 5600 includes 9.6 TB SSD per node. With the clustering of up to 50 nodes per system, capacity scales to 480TB SSD per cluster, doubling the amount of SSD over previous FXT models.
  • Higher density. Both FXT 5000 models are 50% smaller than prior FXT models, occupying just one rack unit per node, thereby providing a lower total cost of ownership in the data center.

Avere FXT Edge filers are the industry’s first scale-out NAS solution built for the hybrid cloud. With the FXT Series, enterprises can integrate the public cloud, private object storage solutions and existing NAS systems into a single, easy-to-manage infrastructure. With a complete NAS feature set, including NFS and SMB protocols, businesses can seamlessly store data and run applications on premises or in the cloud with minimal latency. Avere has developed the only technology that scales performance and capacity at the edge of the network and hides latency to remote NAS or object-based storage, creating a seamless experience — whether processing data, rendering animations or running quantitative models for complex analytics.