The latest ownCloud Enterprise Edition includes sophisticated file access rules engine to enhance control and govern access to files, enabling IT administrators to set rules for user and device connections to the ownCloud server, preventing access if those rules are, or are not, met.

ownCloud Enterprise Edition is integrated with existing infrastructure and is deployed fully on premises, enabling integration into existing user management tools, governance processes, and security, monitoring, and back-up tools. ownCloud can also leverage nearly all on site storage, and can be deployed with cloud storage as well — such as Amazon (S3) and OpenStack (SWIFT) — to create a centrally controlled hybrid deployment model. ownCloud 6 Enterprise extends ownCloud’s core integration capabilities in three tiers: storage, security, and application integration.

The storage tier extends existing out-of-the-box integrations, including a new connection to Jive, the enterprise social collaboration product. The result is enterprise-class file sharing and collaboration capabilities from anywhere, on any device.