The NetApp® E5600 SAN storage system supports high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high-performance file systems, and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications — all with equal ease.

The system is designed to allow users to achieve the highest levels of availability, integrity, and security via the E5600 system’s fully redundant I/O paths, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities.

Combine these E5600 high-availability features with SANtricity® patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) and thin-provisioning technology, and the result is a simple-to-deploy, simple-to-manage data storage solution.

E5600 highlights include:

  • Balanced performance designed to support any workload
  • SANtricity Remote Mirroring for proven data replication and disaster recovery
  • Modular flexibility through multiple form factors and drive technology options
  • Flexible host and network interface options
  • Maximum storage density
  • Full-disk encryption
  • Intuitive management using NetApp SANtricity Storage Management software