Accelerite has unveiled Accelerite CloudSense (powered by Apache CloudStack™), the cloud appliance that takes enterprises from crate-to-cloud in 60 minutes or less. Engineered for enterprises wanting to quickly and cost-effectively deploy a full-featured open source private or public cloud infrastructure, the Accelerite CloudSense appliance is a complete turnkey cloud-in-a box solution.

The Accelerite CloudSense private or public cloud offers:

  • Ability to use your existing compatible storage and server hardware to simplify deployment and maximize return on investment
  • Built on highly scalable and proven cloud orchestration software with over 250+ production public and private cloud implementations using thousands of servers
  • Self-service portal for the cloud users to provision their virtual private clouds as well as strong APIs to meet developers’ needs
  • Options for elastic load-balancing, SDN, firewalls, backup and disaster recovery, auto-scaling, monitoring and other features
  • Strong roadmap of “as-a-service” catalog that includes databases, Hadoop, analytics, IoT, PaaS, and Containers
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription payment model
  • Pre-verified and pre-integrated hardware compatibility means no vendor lock-in
  • Includes both an administrator’s user interface, as well as a customer portal with self-sign-up, self-service. Usage is tracked to integrate with billing systems

“Today’s enterprises realize they must migrate to the cloud. While private clouds are highly economical compared to public clouds for deployments of scale, the IT departments often struggle with the challenges involved in designing and deploying a cloud with the ease of use as well as the strong feature-set available in today’s public clouds,” said Nara Rajagopalan, CEO of Accelerite. “Instead of days, weeks or even months, CloudSense is designed to help businesses accelerate to a cost effective, full-featured cloud experience within minutes.”