NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) has announced that it will launch a max 10Gbps large-volume network to connect NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud high-quality cloud service for enterprises and customers’ enterprise systems collocated at more than 30 data centers around the world.

The network comprises Nexcenter Connect™ Global, which connect major data centers worldwide, Nexcenter Connect™ Metro, which connects data centers within major areas of each country, and Data Center Inter-Connect, which connects the Enterprise Cloud and major data centers worldwide.

Nexcenter Connect™ Global connects colocation servers around the world via a large-volume network at industry-leading prices. It is offered as an optional service of NTT Com’s Nexcenter™ data center service, which are meeting demands for next-generation services by integrating high quality, low cost and flexibility.

Nexcenter Connect™ Metro which has been available in areas outside Japan, will become available in Japan. The service connects colocation servers in urban centers via a low-latency, secure and large-volume network, also at industry-leading prices. This also will be an optional Nexcenter™ service. Data Center Inter-Connect connects for Enterprise Cloud will be expanded worldwide via a large-volume network free of charge. Also, Data Center Inter-Connect and Nexcenter Connect™ Global will be offered together for connections between Enterprise Cloud and multiple global data centers.

The addition of these new networks will assure seamless connections between multiple data centers and between Enterprise Cloud systems. Large enterprises will be able to easily connect massive ICT resources globally for their flexible digital technology usage.

Enterprises will benefit from low-cost connections that can be scaled as their enterprise offices and systems grow, such as for IoT data, data back-up, data, and data transfer associated with multi-system integration.