Iron Mountain Incorporated® has announced its new Iron Mountain Cloud Archive offering, a cost-effective, scalable repository for organizations needing to protect and preserve data retained short or long term for compliance, legal or value-creation purposes. Designed to scale as the volume of data grows, the solution is ideal for organizations needing offsite, pay-as-you-use archival storage with near-infinite scalability, where customer data remains secure, intact and easily accessible over the long term at Iron Mountain’s Underground Facility in Boyers, Pennsylvania.

For many organizations, skyrocketing data volumes make long-term digital asset management a major challenge they must address to preserve, protect and manage valuable intellectual property, operational knowledge, process documentation and other digital assets. Ever-expanding regulations and increasing data retention requirements further exacerbate this challenge. And storage area networks and network-attached storage can’t scale cost-effectively.

“As organizations continue their investigation and adoption of cloud-services as part of modernizing their IT strategy, data protection is often cited as one scenario to be cloud-enabled,” says Jason Buffington, principal analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “For many, the primary objection to cloud-services is security-related, so it is exciting to see Iron Mountain, whose brand to many is synonymous with ‘trust’ and ‘data custodianship,’ offering this service. Particularly for customers who already appreciate a trusted partnership with Iron Mountain’s tape services, but also for those who are hesitant but interested in adding a secure cloud to their data preservation plan, the Iron Mountain service may be well worth considering.”

Unlike on-premise disk and tape infrastructures, Iron Mountain Cloud Archive doesn’t require customer-owned storage equipment or archiving platforms, and it eliminates resources to manage tape- and disk-refresh life cycles, while avoiding the cost and hassle of a technology migration from one generation of tape or disk to another. Based on EMC® Elastic Cloud StorageTM (ECS) a global multi-purpose platform technology from EMC, this offering also delivers cost-efficient, rapid and anytime-anywhere access with meaningful enterprise-class service-level agreements (SLAs).

“Building on our legacy as a trusted and proven service provider, the introduction of the Iron Mountain Cloud Archive solution rounds out the Iron Mountain Cloud portfolio of services  with best-in-class technology designed to fit and scale with any IT infrastructure,” said Eileen Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Data Management, Iron Mountain. “We’re now fully equipped to offer holistic, end-to-end information management, ensuring past, present and future data protection, disaster recovery and data preservation with unmatched physical and logical security at an affordable price.”

Data movement to and from Iron Mountain Cloud Archive is easy with an open and flexible platform-built using ECS technology that works with S3 API,OpenStack SWIFT, CAS, Atmos and cloud gateways like EMC® CloudBoostTM, CloudArray® and Isilon® Cloud Pools technologies, or Nasuni, Panzura, Seven10 and CTERA.

Iron Mountain will exhibit at the 2016 EMC World Conference (Booth #238) at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.