Equinix, Inc. has announced that  Internap Corporation has joined the Equinix Channel Partner Program as well as the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ to expand its global reach and provide high-performance connectivity to its portfolio of cloud services.  As part of this partnership, Internap will be offering its China Performance IPTM solution via Equinix data centers in Hong Kong.  China Performance IP leverages Internap's patented Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) technology to identify the fastest route into China across multiple carriers. By offering this solution via Platform Equinix, Internap is able to deliver latency improvements of 2-10X over traditional IP.

With more than 688 million Internet users (according to a China Internet Development Statistics report), China has more than double the amount of users than the United States.  Companies doing business in this burgeoning region face a significant problem in ensuring how to deliver applications to this vast audience in a high-performing, low-latency manner.  Specifically, performance-sensitive applications — including those common to e-commerce, ad tech and financial services industries — can face numerous technological hurdles. Without a direct connection into mainland China, latency issues will arise.  By partnering with Equinix, Internap addresses these issues and provides its customers a low-latency solution via direct connection to multiple Chinese network service providers.

By providing direct, route-optimized connection between Hong Kong and China, Equinix and Internap enable enterprises to gain low latency access to mainland China's fast-growing markets, removing the complexity, cost and time required to set up operations on the mainland or engage directly with China's Internet providers. Latency improvements of 2X over Internap's traditional Hong Kong IP offering is typical, and some mainland China destinations experience latency improvements of up to 10X.

A long-term customer of Equinix, Internap will now be joining the Equinix Channel Partner Program as a Gold Reseller. As part of this arrangement, Internap will leverage Equinix's global platform to help its enterprise clients quickly and confidently deploy multi-site IT solutions, build cloud infrastructure, and expand into new markets. Internap will deliver best-in-class colocation and cloud solutions across Equinix's 40 markets in 15 countries. And via the Equinix Cloud Exchange, Internap can offer its customers direct access to its cloud services, enabling multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments.