Fusion has announced that it has been selected to provide a fully integrated suite of advanced cloud solutions to a regional library system serving six county communities for well over a century. The five year contract converges cloud voice services with a managed network solution that is designed to scale with the emerging needs of this growing regional community. The library system cited the company's single source solution as a compelling reason for its selection.

The Fusion cloud enables the seamless integration of a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions that protect the system's technology investments, eliminating end of life concerns and implementing service enhancements at no additional charge and with no interruption to service. The library system was impressed by Fusion's ability to leverage the many benefits of the cloud to deliver an agile, secure and scalable service platform to facilitate the system's anticipated growth and expansion. The Fusion cloud solution assumes the burden of managing the system's communications and IT requirements, allowing the system to focus on its core mission of service and support to the citizens of the region.

"We were pleased to be able to offer one hand to shake for all of this exceptional community service organization's communications and network requirements. We understood that this organization has faced challenges in the past with unfulfilled commitments for consistent service delivery across the enterprise, and we were determined to deliver a comprehensive, reliable, secure and scalable solution designed to anticipate future needs as it supports current requirements," said Russell P. Markman, Fusion's president of business services.