Dataiku has announced that the company’s flagship product is now available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. DSS is an end-to-end platform that enables data teams of all skill levels to create powerful predictive analytics solutions using the latest data analysis and machine learning technologies.  

DSS provides data professionals with an intuitive interface that gives analytics teams the ability to explore data from multiple data sources (Hadoop, Spark, SQL databases, etc) and leverage the tools and programing languages (SQL, Python, R, etc) they are already familiar with. DSS is able to connect to all types of data sources such as CSV files, SQL databases, MongoDB, HP Vertica, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, Spark, and more.

By combining the capabilities of DSS with the speed and scale of Azure, new analytics paradigms can be created, allowing data professionals to create adaptive solutions that can react to changes in data and create advanced “what-if” scenarios, while taking advantage of the convenience, speed, and agility of Azure.

“We are excited to make DSS available on Microsoft Azure. This allows any sized business to simply and easily develop their own predictive analytics solution within the cloud,” said Thomas Cabrol, co-founder of Dataiku and director of partnerships. “The combination of Microsoft Azure and DSS allows teams to collaborate using DSS's web-based interface to design, build, and actually deploy data products quickly and effectively all the while utilizing the technologies and machine learning techniques they know best.”

“In today’s business environment, analyzing and ultimately utilizing the massive amounts of data available is important for any size business to stay competitive,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. “Using Dataiku Data Science Studio, our mutual customers can merge the power of predictive analytics with the speed and agility of Microsoft Azure.”