Virtual Instruments has announced enhancements to its VirtualWisdom platform, a real-time, vendor-agnostic solution that provides authoritative insights for managing ever-changing mission-critical application infrastructures. VirtualWisdom helps companies continually benefit from the collective best practices of enterprise IT in order to expertly manage complex workload performance challenges of all kindswith precision and confidence.

Virtual Instruments recently announced an agreement to merge with Load DynamiX, the leader in storage performance analytics. The combined company delivers the only comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure performance analytics product portfolio, capable of delivering actionable insights across physical, virtual and cloud environments. As the first post-merger product enhancement, VirtualWisdom4.4 reflects the new entity’s focus on helping customers address the IT imperative to achieve lower cost structures and higher levels of performance within increasingly complex IT environments. 

In addition to platformwide enhancements to probes, management capabilities and scalability, key highlights of the VirtualWisdom4.4 release include:     

  • New Analytic: Seasonal Trend Advisor – This analytic learns from and adjusts to seasonal business patterns, whether they are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or periodically. Users can set multivariate thresholds and make tuning adjustments on the fly via data-informed prediction of resource needs.
  • New Analytic: VM Deployment Advisor – This analytic identifies the optimal host and cluster to deploy a VM on for maintaining performance and balance in production environments.
  • New 4220 Platform Appliance: This appliance ingests, correlates and analyzes more data faster and more accurately than any other monitoring solution. The scale and performance improvements in the new appliance enable users to effectively manage and report on 50 percent more of their environments at significantly faster speeds than the previous model.
  • Reporting Enhancements and Notifications – Industry best practices embedded into pre-configured report templates, in conjunction with scheduled reports, extend the value of VirtualWisdom to operators throughout enterprise IT. Collaborators receive meaningful context-relevant reports for proactive management and accelerated collaboration and decision-making.
  • ServiceNow Integration – Two-way integration and bi-directional synchronization happens as cases are opened and closed, and as progress and updates are logged into either system.
  • Data Export to Load DynamiX Enterprise – VirtualWisdom I/O workload metrics can be exported for use in the Load DynamiX Enterprise platform for workload analysis, modeling and load generation.

“Enterprises face continually shifting and evolving standards of performance, and VirtualWisdom4.4 represents a tipping point in the realization of truly proactive and predictive IPM,” said John Gentry, chief technology officer for Virtual Instruments. “Our solution fundamentally changes the relationship between consumers and providers of enterprise IT, and gives IT professionals the ability to accelerate and de-risk the transformation of the infrastructure supporting their business-critical applications.”