Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS) has announced it has been awarded its fifth patent in the five years since the company's founding in 2011.

The patent awarded is No. 9,298,390, for "Systems and methods for copying data maintained in a dynamic storage volume and verifying the copied data."

This invention is a mechanism implemented to dynamically track data images migrated for integrity verification. The Cirrus Data migration appliance performs data migration on a live production environment where the data continues to change during the migration process.

The Cirrus Data migration operation is asynchronous, and is performed in a multi-pass manner. Time slots are customized for weekdays, weekends, or holidays, each with specified aggressiveness. This flexible migration system allows data to be migrated efficiently, yet with minimal impact to production traffic.

The dynamic data image tracking mechanism is created to enable verification of the data under this kind of dynamic operating environment. With this invention, the migrated data can be verified whenever a consistent intermediate image is achieved, independent of the capricious nature of the source data as well as the potentially elaborate migration schedule, therefore ensuring the fidelity of the migrated data.

"We are very proud to have the U.S. Patent Office award us our fifth company patent," said Wayne Lam, chairman and CEO of Cirrus Data. "Our customers are realizing up to 71% resource savings on their migrations as show in a recent project with an Italian bank that moved 500 terabytes of data without creating any interruption in their operations. We strive to continue bringing to market ways to eliminate complexity and errors during highly critical enterprise storage transfers."

Cirrus Data is the developer of Data Migration Server, a solution for storage migration projects in large enterprises. DMS is ideal for use cases including: local storage migration (storage refresh), remote data center migration (DC consolidation or move), and physical to virtual (legacy to cloud transformation) conversions. No downtime is required throughout the deployment and migration process.


This article was originally posted “Cirrus Data Awarded Fifth Patent For Seamless Data Migration Schemes” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.