OneNeck® IT Solutions announces its participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. As a direct result, OneNeck is adding Managed Microsoft Azure to round out their hybrid cloud portfolio.

“We’re excited to work with Microsoft and the opportunity to deliver an enhanced set of hybrid cloud solutions that will expand our client’s IT capabilities,” stated Clint Harder, CTO and senior vice president at OneNeck. “We see this as a strategic and calculated way to enhance and strengthen our client’s IT platform while delivering greater access to a more flexible, agile and scalable environment.”

According to Harder, adding Azure to OneNeck’s hybrid cloud portfolio means more choices for customers. Now, when it comes to the cloud, OneNeck can:

  • Architect on premises cloud solutions for clients.
  • Build-out its hosted private cloud offering, ReliaCloud® to meet clients’ most demanding mission-critical computing needs.
  • Deliver a solid, extremely reliable public cloud solution via the Managed Azure Public Cloud solution.
  • Design and deploy any combination of the above solutions to best fit client’s needs.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program enables partners, such as OneNeck, to manage a customer’s complete Azure lifecycle. By offering Managed Azure solutions, customers can take advantage of cloud services while OneNeck maintains the entire billing process and directly manages the support.

“This is our chance to be the single source, ensuring accountability throughout the entire partnership,” Harder said. “And, because we are able to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support products and services, it affords our clients greater efficiencies, too.”

OneNeck expects to leverage this new opportunity to expand their cloud sales opportunities. Harder added, “We will help expedite our client’s move to the cloud by providing a comprehensive end-to-end hybrid cloud platform. We will architect, deploy and manage cloud solutions powered by Azure. For added scale, we can also deliver a true hybrid cloud solution that incorporates any combination of Azure, ReliaCloud or on premises solution and custom-tailor them to meet our client’s specific needs.”

“To meet the growing demand of our cloud-based solutions, we’re thrilled to expand the capabilities for cloud partners under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program,” said Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “By joining the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program, partners will deepen customer relationships and expand business opportunities in the cloud.”


This article was originally posted “OneNeck® IT Solutions To Offer Managed Azure through Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.