Eaton has announced its integrated power management software is now ‘Nutanix® Ready’ validated, following testing for interoperability with Nutanix®, the enterprise cloud company. Eaton is the industry’s first power management vendor to achieve this certification. Eaton’s power management offering scales side-by-side with Nutanix architecture, and is capable of providing complete protection for large-scale Nutanix deployments, thereby helping information technology (IT) managers maximize business continuity, extend availability, mitigate environmental risk and improve energy efficiency. When deployed together, Eaton and Nutanix solutions help users reduce IT complexity and improve agility, regardless of application.

Increasingly, more enterprises are adopting IT architectures that support hybrid and public clouds with software-defined solutions being utilized to support deployments across multiple stacks. Eaton’s integrated power management offering provides Nutanix customers with greater availability, scalability and data protection. Eaton’s solution is fully integrated with VMware vCenter® server management software. This allows customers to trigger live migration, monitor and manage the power supporting their virtual network, measure power consumption and receive real-time notification of uninterruptible power system (UPS) or power distribution unit (PDU) alerts.

“We are pleased to see Eaton validate its offering on Nutanix solutions,” said Venugopal Pai, vice president, strategic alliances and business development, Nutanix. “We are dedicated to building a robust technology ecosystem with companies like Eaton in order to deliver open, innovative and transformative next-generation IT offerings that can fully leverage Nutanix invisible infrastructure.”

Eaton’s award-winning Intelligent Power Manager® software, 9PX™ UPS and Eaton® ePDU® G3 rack PDUs were used throughout validation testing for Nutanix interoperability. As the first power management software validated by Nutanix, Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software is optimized for virtual environments, integrating and working directly with the industry’s leading hypervisor platforms. Nutanix users can utilize Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software to trigger virtual machine (VM) live migrations and set specific times for VMs to shut down during a power event to maximize availability of critical applications. Further, Eaton’s environmental monitoring integration allows for automated VM migration based on temperature spikes, humidity spikes and security alarm notifications. This is ideal for remote or back office applications with limited onsite presence.

Eaton provides a single source for a comprehensive portfolio of Eaton UPSs, PDUs, enclosures and cable management for a secure Nutanix deployment. Additionally, Eaton can provide power management for all nodes that Nutanix supports, making it easier for users to scale-out and maintain a fully integrated hyperconverged system.

“Interoperability and ease of use is increasingly important to today’s IT professionals, who are focused on streamlining operations and scaling quickly to meet growing demands,” said Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager, Distributed Power Quality Division, Eaton. “Eaton recognizes the necessity of scale within these environments, for both power and IT equipment, partnering with Nutanix allows our customers to meet both these demands for their infrastructure moving forward.”


This article was originally posted “Eaton Expands Power Management Capabilities For Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Deployments” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.