Cosentry has spotlighted Exits, Inc’s, (Exits) use of Cosentry’s award-winning cloud and managed IT services as an extension of the company’s internal IT team. By leveraging Cosentry’s IT services, Exits significantly reduced IT costs for managing and operating their web-based export platform.

Exits’ web-based platform helps exporting companies adhere to a rigorous process of generating international customs forms and complying with trade requirements to avoid delays and ensure successful deliveries. To support its growth and keep the IT team focused on ensuring its Global Wizard software suite maintains the best possible functionality, Exits selected Cosentry to support these business-critical applications.

“In the beginning, it was important for us to have a partner who could help us fill any of our knowledge gaps. Over time, as our skills have increased, it’s been important to have a partner with an entire team of dedicated IT specialists, that can help us proactively address business challenges,” said Heather Noggle, CIO, Exits, Inc.

Cosentry is helping Exits’ IT team remain focused on strategic initiatives by managing an IT infrastructure consisting of a private cloud, the full Microsoft stack up to the database, along with security and data backup. In addition, the company is assisting with overall business and IT planning, including assistance with database tuning and server switchovers to support growth. The net result of Cosentry’s services yields:

  • Reduced IT costs. Cosentry acts as an extension of the IT team, managing and operating systems required to host and run its web-based platform.
  • A proactive and reliable partner. When even the smallest issues arise, Cosentry has proactively worked with Exits to resolve them, often before anyone at the company is aware of a problem.
  • Knowledgeable expertise and resources. Cosentry continues to collaborate with the Exits team on changing business scenarios, helping Exits make informed business decisions.
  • Predictable and reliable operations and maintenance of key IT systems. With systems managed and maintained in Cosentry’s private cloud environment, Exits can continue to focus its internal IT on activities that support its clients.

“Cosentry has enabled us to focus on growing our company and giving our clients the best possible software to support their international trade activities. We trust them implicitly — and we rely on their expertise and knowledge every day to support our business,” Noggle added.

“Managed cloud services have proven to reduce IT infrastructure, personnel and software/hardware maintenance and renewal costs,” said Brad Hokamp, CEO, Cosentry. “We are proud to witness the positive business effects our managed services have on helping Exits cost-effectively grow their business while maintaining a high level of service with limited IT staffing.”


This article was originally posted “Cosentry’s Managed Private Cloud Services Help Exits, Inc. Grow Business” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.