Dataguise has announced DgSecure Monitor™ for the monitoring, detection, and alerting of potential breaches of sensitive data across the enterprise and the cloud. DgSecure Monitor keeps track of who is doing what to an enterprise’s sensitive data, and delivers real-time, policy-based alerts whenever unauthorized access or unusual access behavior occurs. Unlike traditional IT monitoring solutions for firewalls, networks, or applications that can produce an unmanageable amount of alerts and result in months of analysis before a potential breach is spotted, DgSecure Monitor is focused solely on safeguarding the sensitive data an organization truly cares about—cutting through the clutter to detect real threats in just minutes.

According to Gartner, Inc. in its January 2016 report, Shift Cybersecurity Investment to Detection and Response, “The disparity between the speed of compromise and the speed of detection is one of the starkest failures discovered in breach investigations.”(1) Indeed, a 2015 study by the Ponemon Institute found that malicious attacks can take an average of 256 days to identify while data breaches caused by human error take an average of 158 days to identify.(2) DgSecure Monitor is the first real-time monitoring solution focused on sensitive data elements with comprehensive support for big data platforms and databases in the cloud, as well as traditional on-premise data repositories.

In order to precisely monitor access and activities associated with sensitive data such as email addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or other confidential or personally identifiable information (PII), enterprises must know where that data lives and moves at any given time — a growing challenge in the era of big data and cloud computing. That’s why DgSecure Monitor is tightly integrated as part of the Dataguise DgSecure® data-centric security platform, a highly automated, out-of-the-box solution that offers around-the-clock detection, protection (via masking or encryption), and monitoring of sensitive data across the extended enterprise. While it can be used standalone to monitor declared sensitive data, DgSecure Monitor works harmoniously and continuously in real time with DgSecure Detect™ to discover and monitor sensitive data from the moment it’s created, even when the enterprise may not realize it’s there.

Whether sensitive data is protected or not, DgSecure Monitor makes it easy to create focused data security governance policies using built-in or custom templates. It then analyzes actions taken on sensitive data by people, systems, and devices in real time. If a policy violation occurs, an alert is generated. DgSecure Monitor also uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to generate alerts whenever user actions deviate from the typical behavioral profile—which is crucial to detecting threats from stolen insider credentials. No coding is required, so enterprises can quickly and easily get a handle on their most sensitive data for reduced risk.

“Traditional IT monitoring solutions form a necessary layer of security, but the sheer volume of security data can make breach detection a costly and long, drawn-out analytical process,” said JT Sison, vice president of marketing and business development at Dataguise. “DgSecure Monitor focuses precisely on safeguarding the data that matters most — the sensitive, personal, and confidential information that if exposed could lead to financial, legal, and brand damages. Dataguise is the one company to give you trusted, actionable information on your most valuable data.”

Dataguise also announced that it was awarded United States Patent number 9,268,947 on February 23, 2016 for its method and system for “providing a global view of sensitive information across an enterprise.” While the DgSecure platform has always had task-based alerts that notify users whenever discovery, masking, encryption, or reporting processes are completed, the user-behavior-based alerts of DgSecure Monitor make a revolutionary advancement and meet a fundamental need in the protection of sensitive data today.

“As more businesses transform into data-driven enterprises, they will need to think differently about how information is protected and made available for business consumption, and make that process as easy as possible,” said Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise. “Unfortunately, many enterprises lack a solution that unifies sensitive data detection and protection with access monitoring. Dataguise provides the first solution of its kind to detect, protect, and monitor sensitive data wherever it’s located, enabling organizations to extract the full value of all their data while meeting the most rigorous data privacy mandates.”


This article was originally posted “Dataguise Releases Sensitive Data Monitoring Solution” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.