Peak 10, Inc. has announced the launch of its demand-driven Object Storage service, which is touted as the lowest-cost geo-diverse solution in the industry backed by a leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.999% availability. The fully encrypted and pay-as-you-go service will give businesses more capabilities to flexibly manage their digital assets and better prepare for the proliferation of business data.

According to IDC, the digital universe is growing 40% a year into the next decade and by 2020 it will contain as many digital bytes as there are stars in the universei. Unstructured data, such as information created by the actions of individuals (e.g. images, office files, online content, videos), will make up the majority of that growth. Peak 10’s move to offer cloud storage addresses the business need for storing such large amounts of unstructured data. The product bolsters an existing suite of higher tier and secure storage solutions focused on high-transaction workloads and business-critical applications – Peak 10’s stated focus within the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market.

“This new product was developed to meet increasing market demand driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data,” said Mike Fuhrman, CTO for Peak 10. “As more data is collected through cloud-based, location-aware and always-connected devices, CIOs are faced with a challenge of storing that data efficiently. With Object Storage, companies have the option to store large amounts of data in the cloud using an integrated and flexible model, enabling their analytics, marketing and operational strategies.” 

Customers can conveniently access this new tier of encrypted storage via the Internet, empowering mobile development and development/operations teams’ control of geo-diverse, enterprise-class infrastructure with a standard web services API. Additionally, Peak 10® Object Storage is compatible with existing applications and appliances using the Amazon S3 API. It is powered through an intracloud network of Peak 10 data centers, with built-in redundancy and file fixity, to deliver maximum availability.

Peak 10’s service enables businesses to automatically distribute content from multiple sites at a low price point and with one of the strongest SLAs in the industry. Organizations can confidently lower risk and increase availability as storage nodes are separated by at least 200 miles, ideal for off-site data protection or distributed workforce strategies. Object Storage can enable a hybrid IT environment for on-premise private infrastructures to optimize customers’ IT strategy and spend. Additionally, Peak 10’s object storage customers will have access to its comprehensive suite of managed services including managed security, data protection, and application support, alleviating strain on a company’s resources.

“Customers have requested object storage, and we designed it with simplicity in mind — it is easy to sign up, deploy and use,” added Fuhrman.  “They can now store their unstructured, business-critical data securely, with 99.999% availability, and at a low price point that includes around the clock support.”

According to Fuhrman, this includes use cases like healthcare companies that need to store patient records; legal firms that need to maintain court records and evidence; research, analytics or Business Intelligence (BI) companies that need to house large amounts of survey or data logs; or retailers and ecommerce sites that need to store large amounts of customer behavior data for current and future analysis, for example.

Peak 10 is hosting a one-hour webinar to unveil its new object storage service Wednesday, March 9 at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT).  The free webinar will feature Peak 10 experts David Loy, director of product strategy and Peter Boyes, solutions engineer, to discuss the distinctive features of the new service, as well as how object storage can help businesses accelerate timelines with automated provisioning; lower risk with an encrypted, highly available solution; and drive efficiency with its pay-as-you-go, consumption-based model. Registration is available at:

1. IDC, “The Digital Universe of Opportunities,” April 2014.


This article was originally posted “Peak 10 Launches Geo-Diverse Object Storage Solution” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.