Pantheon has announced the launch of a suite of Cloud Integration Tools. The new suite of tools includes: Quicksilver Platform Hooks, which provide the ability to script automated workflow actions and integrate with other services; Terminus, a scriptable command line interface; a YAML based project configuration interface; and SAML authentication, which enables organizations to integrate with their single sign-on (SSO) service of choice. The new tools allow developers to integrate their development workflows with their favorite cloud apps and services. They allow more automation, deeper visibility into workflow operations, and improved flexibility for project configuration and access, fully supporting the innovation of teams building on top of Pantheon as a platform.

"The Pantheon platform is built to support teams on the forefront of development practices and techniques. With the release of Cloud Integration Tools, we're enabling users to get more value from the Pantheon platform. As we relieve developers of the burden of maintaining core infrastructure, they're able to turn their attention to tools, services, and techniques closer to the cutting edge. With Cloud Integration Tools, we're laying the foundation for creating a truly extensible platform that fulfills the needs of modern web development," said Josh Koenig, co-founder and head of product at Pantheon.

Quicksilver Platform Hooks, which lie at the heart of the new toolset, allow developers to hook into the platform and automate actions in response to activity. For example, deploys and database clones between Development, Test, and Live environments can now automatically trigger notifications to Slack, log deployments to New Relic, sanitize data, or initiate automated testing operations with a Continuous Integration (CI) system. Developers are empowered to create and share their own integrations.

Terminus, Pantheon's command line interface, allows users to generate Machine Tokens to authenticate devices or services without sharing their username and password. Along with Quicksilver Hooks, this functionality allows developers to integrate third-party services like a CI system without compromising the security of their account.

The suite also introduces a new YAML based configuration interface for Pantheon projects. This is used to set up Quicksilver, but also opens up a number of deep configuration options for developers to better integrate with their existing workflows and processes.

Support for single sign-on integration via SAML completes the loop. With SAML, companies and agencies can centralize access control for developers, allowing them to maintain administrative oversight of fast-moving agile teams. Pantheon is opening up its platform for a wide range of integrations while maintaining its high security standards as a platform.

Automation and integration have become top priorities for high-performance web teams. Faced with an imperative to iterate quickly and adopt agile processes while maintaining quality, web development teams are turning to automation to speed up cycles and maximize developer efficiency. By reducing manual, repetitive tasks through automation and integrating best-in-class tools into an agile workflow, teams are able to focus on developing amazing websites.

"As an agency serving a large variety of clients from University of Maryland to Phillips Seafood, Mindgrub is constantly looking to adopt the most effective development practices and use the best tools available. With Pantheon's Cloud Integration Tools, we're able to automate more of our work, making our teams more efficient, and easily integrate with other tools in our workflow. As a Pantheon Partner, we're excited to use these new tools to continue to build engaging web experiences on the platform," said Brian Thompson, Lead Software Engineer, Mindgrub.


This article was originally posted “Pantheon Releases Cloud Integration Tools” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.