Load DynamiX has announced new versions of its Load DynamiX Virtual (LDX-V) Series storage performance validation solutions: Load DynamiX LDX-V Standard and LDX-V Plus. The company also announced multiple improvements across its product portfolio to assist and support storage architects and engineers in software-defined data centers.

LDX-V products augment the Load DynamiX traditional workload generation solutions with a lower cost, more flexible deployment model to facilitate broader performance and functional testing capabilities at both storage vendors and IT organizations. The LDX-V series now allows for accurate load testing of less performance-intensive storage systems using any x86-based server platform, which will lower the cost of storage performance validation.

Supporting VMware ESXi 5.1 and above, multiple LDX-V instances can be deployed on the same host or distributed across a number of hosts. LDX-V works with Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.0, and has the same software GUI, workflow, statistics, projects and API used by Load DynamiX physical appliances to test File, Block, and Object/Cloud storage systems deployed on IP networks. The new product benefits include:

  • Comprehensive storage validation platform at a lower testing cost by unifying storage performance validation processes with a single virtualized testing solution.
  • Emulation of real-world traffic with the industry’s deepest and broadest storage protocol emulations to help storage professionals understand performance characteristics and isolate performance problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy-to-use GUI and a library of prebuilt tests that simplify performance analysis and accelerate troubleshooting.
  • Up to 4Gbps of bandwidth per Virtual Appliance. Multiple LDX-V instances can be deployed on the same host or distributed across multiple hosts for higher overall engineer productivity.

LDX-V Plus is additionally complemented by significant improvements in Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.0 and the physical Workload Generation Appliance series that provide:

  • Improved performance, and ease of provisioning of N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV), which is critical to simulating large scale virtualized environments.
  • Up to 8x Improvement in Fibre Channel discovery performance needed to accommodate the massive increase in the number of virtualized servers.
  • Simplification of the iSCSI test bed IQN setup and association, reducing time required to setup iSCSI test environments.

“Our new Virtual Series workload generation appliances and improvements to large scale virtualization testing offer an opportunity for more organizations to use our best-in-class solutions, and enable a much wider adoption of our products,” said Tim Van Ash, vice president of products at Load DynamiX. “Now, Load DynamiX can be cost-effectively deployed across any software-defined data center or test lab to help storage teams make better storage infrastructure deployment decisions.”


This article was originally posted “Load DynamiX Enhances Virtual Series Workload Generation Appliances” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.