iSheriff has announced the release of iSheriff Complete, a comprehensive cyber security platform designed to provide 360-degree protection of an organisation’s devices and communication channels. iSheriff Complete is the industry’s first comprehensive cloud security platform to provide fully-integrated endpoint, Web and email security, delivered through a single Web-based management console with a single set of enforceable security policies.

“In order to provide a secure network, a security manager must be able to see and control all communications in and out of that network,” said John Mutch, CEO, iSheriff. “iSheriff Complete provides superior malware protection and full control of Web, email and endpoint vectors, providing the only integrated cloud-based security platform available today. We deliver complete cyber security through the cloud, all controlled by a single, easy-to-use interface. iSheriff Complete implements security policies and schedules reports in minutes, so our customers can get back to running their businesses.”

As a cloud-based platform, iSheriff removes potential malware and viruses before they ever reach the network by providing a ‘clean feed’ to customers for their email and Web traffic.

iSheriff Complete is available now and includes:

  • Endpoint, Web & Email. Complete vector control and visibility is central to the iSheriff platform, which offers a tightly integrated security solution, unlike ‘best of breed’ point products that often do not work together. iSheriff Complete is designed to enforce common security policies across all vectors, as well as track users both on and off the network.
  • Threat Detection Engine. Working 24x7x365 to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats on a worldwide basis, iSheriff security operates around the globe, detecting new threats and developing and propagating new signatures in a matter of seconds.
  • Active Response Console. The console is designed to be easy to use, allowing organisations to control their entire cyber security system from one interface. Threats are displayed instantly, along with what actions have to be taken based on defined policies.

“We’re in an age of fast-moving change and innovation powered by connected mobile devices and cloud computing, which has opened up the influence of technology to everyone, including criminals,” Mutch continued. “Cloud-based services and software of all varieties have been broadly adopted. By eliminating the need for complex and expensive hardware and software installation and offering scalable, per user pricing, cloud-based platforms open access to services that were previously cost-prohibitive for many businesses.”

iSheriff is one of the leading companies providing effective security completely from the cloud. The company delivers the industry’s easiest to deploy and manage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for protection against today’s multi-vector threats and compliance challenges, combining the power, flexibility and ease of a cloud-based service, offering with a seamlessly integrated suite of critical technologies.


This article was originally posted “iSheriff Releases Cloud-Based Security Solution” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.