vXchnge has announced that Console, the innovative new platform from IIX Inc. is now available in six vXchnge markets. Console is the enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their customers, vendors and partners. It provides users the networking capability to interconnect with major peering points and direct connections to cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud services.

vXchnge customers will benefit by being able to take advantage of Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. The six vXchnge data center locations that will initially offer Console are; Austin, Nashville, Philadelphia, Portland, Santa Clara, and Secaucus.  

The Console software and interconnection platform provides a secure, simple, and easy way for companies across the globe to directly connect to business-critical cloud providers, SaaS providers and partners. By combining direct access from within a 'Console'-enabled deployment, customers can connect with a global ecosystem without the configuration complexity. The collaboration with Console demonstrates vXchnge's ongoing commitment to providing their customers with innovative technology.  

"With Console's interconnection platform and their focus on delivering a choice of interconnections and peering, coupled with our Designed for Performance® data centers, vXchnge customers now have options," said Ernest Sampera, chief marketing officer at vXchnge.  "Our data centers are marketplaces for mission-critical, network-enabled businesses. Service providers continue to leverage our data centers as a platform to interconnect their cloud and Software-as-a-Service solutions. 

vXchnge operates 15 strategically located data centers throughout the United States, positioning its customers at "the Edge," enabling their customers to connect with more businesses and more consumers, in more markets. 

vXchnge data centers are architected from the ground up to be fault tolerant. Concurrent maintainability design points are taken into consideration to provide reliable Infrastructure-as-a-Service. vXchnge customers include many global and emerging brands.

"We are excited that Console is now available in six of vXchnge's data centers, " says Al Burgio, CEO, Console Inc. "Our platform will provide an opportunity for vXchnge to expand its service offerings to existing and new enterprise customers."


This article was originally posted “vXchnge To Offer Direct Access To Console In 6 U.S. Markets” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.