Skyscape Cloud Services Limited has announced its strategic partnership with Adapt, a provider of IT managed services, to deliver secure, end-to-end managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service options to the UK public sector.

The partnership will mean the UK public sector can benefit from a combined portfolio of solutions which bring together Skyscape’s highly-accredited cloud platform with Adapt’s enterprise-grade infrastructure management and service expertise. The united capabilities of the two companies are now available via G-Cloud 7 and give public sector organisations secure, managed access to on-demand and scalable compute, storage and network resources that facilitate transformational projects.

As a Skyscape partner, Adapt can offer its customers pre-approved and accredited platforms suitable for all data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) and connected to government networks including the Public Services Network (PSN), the N3 health network and others. With Skyscape, Adapt can also provide a genuine on-demand service and pay-by-the-hour pricing model, enabling customers to realise savings by turning off infrastructure when not in use, such as during evenings and weekends. Skyscape’s agile platform will also enable Adapt to scale services to meet its customers’ changing needs as well as peaks and troughs in demand.

“Our partnership with Skyscape Cloud Services is based on combined scale and reach,” said Stewart Smythe, CEO at Adapt. “With Skyscape’s industry-leading platform, unique connectivity and assurance credentials and our own infrastructure management and service expertise, together we provide an unrivalled proposition for the UK public sector.”

Skyscape’s public sector customers will now benefit from Adapt’s rich suite of managed services, helping them to design and build virtualised infrastructure which takes advantage of a true cloud utility service ensuring security, flexibility, availability and added value for money. Adapt’s services will complement the many solutions delivered on Skyscape’s assured cloud platform, supporting its ongoing commitment to delivering secure end-to-end managed services to UK public sector organisations.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Adapt, a company that shares our values and objectives to deliver end-to-end solutions that will help support the digital transformation of public services,” said Simon Hansford, CEO at Skyscape Cloud Services. “Adapt’s rich catalogue of offerings and its capacity and experience makes it an invaluable managed service partner for us.”

Skyscape is committed to collaborating with partners to offer end-to-end solutions to the UK public sector. Launched in August 2013, Skyscape’s dedicated partner programme now consists of more than 200 organisations. Focused on delivering high quality yet cost-effective cloud services at scale, Skyscape’s solutions provide a building block for many of its partners’ offerings. The company has won a number of high-profile contracts via the G-Cloud Framework in conjunction with partners that, in turn, are able to embed Skyscape’s cloud platform in their own solutions.


This article was originally posted “Skyscape Cloud Services Announces Strategic Partnership With Adapt” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.