has announced a new service to monitor customers’ servers so they’re alerted if something goes wrong. In addition, non-working servers can be excluded from Domain Name System (DNS) records, which will prevent visitors from being directed to a broken server.

Significantly, the new monitoring service will debut’s Intelligent Hosting platform, which will provide customers with valuable insights into their infrastructure, enabling better management and planning capabilities. Further, automating operations under Intelligent Hosting reduces the cost and the time required to deliver services to customers, so they can benefit from premium hosting services at a lower rate.

“We’re pleased to be launching our new Monitoring Service,” commented Nick Dvas, COO of “Beyond that, our robust Intelligent Hosting Platform will provide a comprehensive, increased level of services, allowing for improved management of our customers’ server operations, more quickly and at a reduced expense.”

Among the features offered by are:

  • A global private network: unmetered, fast and secure, for backups, clustering and more 
  • Cloud VMs integration with per-hour billing for dynamic resource allocation
  • Top-notch Intel CPUs for smooth performance
  • 40-min. free set-up for fast deployment's portfolio is supplemented by the rare offering of a global network, clocking at 40Gbps on a single server. This substantially increases the value of all hardware and provides many options for a flexible deployment. The company's dedicated servers meet the requirements of all big data tools, such as Hadoop, as well as any other demanding applications.


This article was originally posted “ Announces Automated Monitoring Service” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.