Ensono™, formerly Acxiom IT, has unveiled a new identity and strategy to provide progressive IT solutions that help CIOs maximize efficiency and evolve operations to meet strategic goals.  Along with a new management team and bolstered investments in sales, marketing, and technology, Ensono is significantly expanding its integrated portfolio of services. These new services and innovation roadmap are designed to meet clients’ existing requirements as well as provide solutions for future business challenges.

“Our new name reflects a commitment to lead the industry in providing value to our clients today and tomorrow,” said Jeff VonDeylen, Ensono’s chief executive officer. “Ensono is built on more than 40 years of experience in managing clients’ complex business needs. That history combined with an experienced management team and significant investments in sales, marketing and technology will help pave the way for our growth. This is an exciting time for our company and we look forward to this next chapter.” 

The name Ensono is derived from the Zen concept enso, which references “strength and creativity” as well as the Italian expression in sogno, meaning “in dreams.” The new name underscores the new direction for the company – serving as a trusted leader to manage costly, labor-intensive IT operations for its customers, in turn allowing them to focus on the strategic priorities to move their business forward. “It’s time for CIOs to spend less time in the data center and more time in the boardroom,” adds VonDeylen. Additional information on the new brand and company launch from VonDeylen is available on Ensono Insights.

Ensono’s new management team is led by VonDeylen, whose experience includes a post as president at Savvis, a CenturyLink enterprise cloud and hosted IT solutions company. During his tenure at Savvis, the company grew from $200 million to more than $1.4 billion. To launch Ensono, VonDeylen brought with him a team of seasoned experts from Savvis, including Brian Klingbeil as chief operating officer; Marc Capri, as executive vice president, Sales & Marketing; and Tim Beerman as chief technology officer.

The new identity marks a fundamental shift in market approach, which began when Ensono, formerly named Acxiom IT, was purchased by private equity firms Charlesbank Capital Partners and M/C Partners in July 2015. Charlesbank and M/C Partners have consummated more than $4.5 billion in investments over the last 20 years.    

The company’s new tagline, “Operate for today.  Optimize for tomorrow,” serves as the principle that guides Ensono’s engagement with clients as well as its product and services strategy. Each customer has a tactical need to reduce costs and improve efficiency of their current IT environment today. Through these gains in efficiency they are able to refocus talent and resources toward leveraging new technology and services to compete in today’s market. Ensono achieves this through its world-class service, supporting mission-critical workloads and helping clients manage and migrate between all systems – from mainframes to cloud and everything in-between. Additionally, Ensono is significantly investing in talent, tools and agile development methodologies, underscoring the company’s commitment to helping its clients leverage new technologies and services for the future.

“Ensono delivers innovative capabilities that have improved efficiencies of our service delivery model, reduced our reaction times and enhanced our overall customer experience,” said Steve Wyatt, director of IT Infrastructure and Computing Services, Sonoco.  “Their self-service portal provides real-time performance data, dashboards, and drill-down capabilities that equip us with enhanced capabilities not previously available.”

Annual IT spending for markets in which Ensono participates is expected to be $109B by 20201. "Ensono's approach to the market addresses the growing requirement of companies seeking to balance the mission-critical mainframe management and open system support, while considering their transition options to the cloud," said veteran IT industry analyst, Brad Day of Enterprise Computing Advisors. "Whether a company is considering their mainframe footprint for both traditional and new workload deployments, or wants to transition to a hybrid cloud environment, companies like Ensono can implement a cost-effective solution by streamlining IT operations, allowing IT managers to optimize resource allocation and maximize efficiency."


This article was originally posted “Ensono™ Unveils New Name And Strategy For Hybrid IT Services” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.